Cd Clock Radio A Personal Review

Cd Clock Radio A Personal Review

CD Clock Radio - a​ Personal Review.
I simply love my CD clock radio .​
For me the way you wake up in​ the morning is​ important, so why not do it​ the right way? Why torment yourself with some earsplitting and obnoxious beeping alarm clock? Since the time I​ got my CD clock radio I’ve been waking up in​ the most luxurious ways possible.
At times if​ I’m feeling especially sophisticated I’ll set on some Bach or​ perhaps some Beethoven to​ wake up to​ on my CD clock radio .​
There’s really nothing like starting the day off with some timeless classical music softly wafting into your ears and easing you from your slumber into a​ state of​ wakefulness .​
There have been times when I​ have dreams of​ hearing this music before I​ arise, and the rest of​ the day I​ feel composed and rested instead of​ irritated and rushed.
Obviously, I​ presume the main reason people prefer loud buzzers to​ wake up to, is​ to​ ensure they really awaken, but personally I​ have found that even gentle music from my CD clock radio almost always does the trick .​
Or if​ I’m worried about getting up by a​ certain time, I​ can set the CD clock radios buzzer alarm as​ well as​ the music .​
First the music plays, but then five minutes later I​ set the buzzer to​ go off just to​ make sure .​
Despite the fact that I​ never had to​ hear that buzzer, it’s reassuring to​ know that its there.
Another nice feature about my CD clock radio is​ the alternative sounds it​ has to​ wake up to .​
Made by Timex, my CD clock radio has a​ selection of​ ‘nature sounds’ to​ play in​ place of​ a​ buzzer .​
Though it​ may not have a​ very extensive selection of​ sounds, but they are actually pretty nice .​
One of​ them is​ not really a​ nature sound, but is​ a​ series of​ gentle wind chime like tones that play in​ a​ very Zen like manner .​
Perhaps if​ I’m tired of​ waking up to​ classical - Bach, I​ can adopt a​ more Eastern style of​ starting the day and wake up feeling like a​ Buddhist monk instead! With regards to​ the sound quality on my CD clock radio is​ only fair, and is​ not really designed to​ replace or​ act as​ a​ CD player.
CD clock radios are just great alternatives to​ your standard clock radios, and enable you to​ slip in​ any kind of​ music you want to​ wake up to .​
And yes! You even have the option of​ waking up to​ the radio as​ their names imply, if​ you run out of​ CD ideas.

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