Causes And Treatment Of Wrinkles

Causes And Treatment Of Wrinkles

As people age, their epidermal cells become less sticky that makes skin noticeably thinner. When skin becomes thinner, the​ effectiveness of​ its barrier function decreases and​ releases moisture instead of​ locking it​ in​ the​ skin. When this happen, the​ skin is​ more prone to​ dryness and​ it​ is​ likely to​ lose its ability to​ repair itself.

When the​ dermal layer becomes thin, it​ produces less collagen and​ elastin fibers. These causes wrinkles and​ make skin sag.


Aside from the​ ageing process, sun damage is​ also linked to​ wrinkle formation. When skin is​ exposed to​ sun for​ a​ long period of​ time, it​ can result to​ dryness and​ it​ can damage the​ collagen fibers that protects the​ skin. in​ addition, prolonged exposure to​ sun can cause skin disorder and​ cancer.

Other factors of​ wrinkle formation are the​ following: Poor nutrition, stress, sleep deprivation, excess alcohol or​ illegal drug consumption, and​ pollution.


1. Prolonged exposure to​ sunlight can cause serious skin damage. Experts recommend the​ use of​ hat when on the​ beach especially between 12nn-2pm. Use of​ sunscreen and​ sunglasses is​ also helpful to​ avoid wrinkles that might appear around the​ eyes.

2. Smoking is​ dangerous to​ your health. and​ also to​ your skin. People who are smoking form wrinkles around their mouth earlier compare to​ non-smokers. to​ keep skin healthy, avoid cigarette and​ smoky places like bars and​ restaurants.

3. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Excessive alcohol consumption is​ bad for​ the​ skin. Alcohol prevents the​ body from absorbing vitamins needed to​ keep the​ skin healthy.

4. Drink at​ least 8-12 glasses of​ water everyday. Water helps in​ keeping the​ skin glowing and​ healthy. it​ is​ an​ effective element in​ reducing wrinkles, flushing toxins, fat, and​ other foreign substances out of​ the​ body.

5. Use olive oil as​ much as​ possible. it​ makes the​ skin soft and​ younger looking.

6. Eat tomatoes and​ vegetables. These contain nutrients that are proven to​ make the​ skin look younger. in​ addition, fruits, nuts, and​ beans are also good food for​ the​ skin.

7. Resist the​ urge to​ sunbathe. Experts agree that although tan makes men and​ women look sexier, it​ can pose threat to​ the​ skin. Try self-tanner instead. Never use tanning bed or​ sunlamp.

8. Pamper the​ skin once in​ a​ while by going to​ spa or​ sauna. Also, get 8 or​ more hours of​ sleep. These can do wonders on the​ skin in​ no time.

9. Use moisturizer twice everyday.


Dermatologists are advising people who have few, shallow wrinkles to​ use moisturizing creams and​ sunscreen. However, more and​ more people are looking for​ more advance technology in​ erasing the​ signs of​ ageing.

Recently, dermatologists responded to​ people’s request for​ wrinkle treatment. Botox was introduced that soften wrinkles that are caused by grimacing or​ squinting. Hyaluronic or​ collagen acid are injected on the​ skin to​ elevate wrinkles.

Another breakthrough is​ laser treatment to​ minimize wrinkles. Most common laser treatment is​ called Carbon Dioxide laser that is​ designed for​ deeper wrinkles.

People who have deep, excessive wrinkles resort to​ face lift. it​ is​ a​ surgical procedure that is​ both invasive and​ expensive that produces excellent results.

Wrinkles cannot be avoided but they can be delayed. There is​ nothing more satisfying than looking younger than one’s age. So, just follow these tips and​ stay young!

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