Catch The Spirit Of The Entrepreneur

Catch the Spirit of​ the Entrepreneur
Grabbing opportunities with open arms is​ often easier to​ talk about than to​ actually do .​
Most people find themselves dreaming about being rich but never actually doing anything about it .​
a​ combination of​ procrastination and 'what if' syndrome can cripple your creative spirit and might mean your idea will never become a​ reality .​
Socrates said Action equals knowledge' .​
He was one of​ the greatest philosophers of​ our time .​
What he meant was that it​ is​ through action that we achieve results .​
For example, you could think about learning Spanish for months, imagining the holidays you will take and the people you will communicate with .​
You can dream forever but accomplish nothing unless you actually make the effort to​ start taking lessons .​
Much like the martial arts approach - the idea is​ to​ take action immediately and avoid over analyzing the situation .​
Do you want to​ start your own business but are afraid of​ what kinds of​ things can go wrong? What if​ your initial investment doesn't pay off? There are millions of​ things that could go wrong but likewise there are many things that can go right! Fear can be paralyzing .​
When thinking about starting a​ business particularly if​ you keep waiting for the right time .​
There will never be a​ perfect time .​
It's now or​ never when it​ comes to​ starting your own business .​
Overcoming your fear is​ a​ step by step process .​
- Do you have a​ clear idea of​ what kind of​ business you want to​ start? a​ clear plan will help keep your worries at​ bay .​

- Do you have access to​ the resources you will need? This includes the necessary start up cash as​ well as​ anything else you will need.
- Do you have access to​ clients or​ do you know enough about marketing basics to​ ensure you will have enough interest in​ what you are offering?
Just like anything - taking action is​ the most important part .​
Make an​ itemized list of​ what you feel needs to​ be done in​ order for you to​ start that business you always dreamed of .​
Prioritizing your list will help too .​
Don't wait for all your ducks to​ be in​ a​ proverbial row before you begin but make sure you have all the basics covered .​
Don't wait for that 'perfect someday' .​
Make an​ imperfect start .​
Don't over think everything .​
Sometimes the best approach is​ to​ just jump into the deep end.
Don't wait to​ start discovering your own entrepreneurial spirit .​
Take action today!

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