Catalogs For Shopping Freaks

Catalogs For Shopping Freaks

Catalogs for​ Shopping Freaks
Norin fusses with samples of​ foundation makeup in​ a​ department store .​
She smears some onto one cheek .​
Too dark .​
She wrinkles her nose .​
The second sample doesn’t look right, either .​
The saleswoman at​ the​ cosmetics counter cleans Norin’s face with a​ tissue and​ applies another tone .​
She turns to​ her friend, who just shrugs .​
For the​ next sixty-five minutes, Norin fingers makeup boxes, dabs lip gloss and​ gazes at​ her tanned complexion in​ the​ mirror, searching for​ a​ new face that will give her a​ new identity .​

With Norin’s actions it​ is​ evident that people, especially women, are very particular with what they want .​
They would stop at​ nothing just to​ get the​ right color of​ lipstick or​ the​ right tone of​ makeup .​
This is​ one of​ the​ reasons why the​ need for​ a​ better marketing scheme is​ important for​ every business .​
It is​ important to​ create name recognition and​ brand awareness so people would be enticed to​ purchase their products, thus, reducing the​ time customers spend in​ shopping .​
Catalogs can be one of​ the​ most important sales tool for​ showcasing your products and​ services .​
They can be the​ tool you can use in​ announcing to​ the​ market what your business is​ all about .​
They can be mailed or​ handed out to​ prospects and​ customers .​
But just like any other marketing material it​ is​ essential to​ create a​ catalog that best represents the​ business that you have .​
Color choices, paper quality and​ printing techniques are a​ few of​ the​ things you need to​ consider in​ producing a​ good catalog .​
You also need to​ humanize yourself and​ your catalog by making it​ seem like the​ catalog came from friendly and​ helpful people .​
This way your prospects will easily trust you and​ avail of​ your products .​
a​ harmonious layout can also help in​ creating a​ professional elegant look to​ your catalog .​
And including enough variety can keep the​ readers interested instead of​ becoming bored .​
Likewise, the​ photos that you will include in​ the​ catalog need to​ be effectively shot .​
Good product photos are more than of​ an​ art than styling .​
Remember that readers are likely to​ keep away from products that they can’t even recognize in​ pictures .​
So make an​ effort to​ produce pictures that tells the​ readers what they need to​ know about the​ product .​
And make sure to​ throw in​ some extra in​ your catalog to​ make your customers happier .​
And if​ you send Norin and​ other ‘Norins’ out there your catalog, perhaps the​ next time they think of​ shopping they’ll have a​ look at​ your catalog first and​ decide if​ there is​ something they want there before enduring in​ another long hours of​ testing and​ dabbing tons of​ makeup in​ their face.

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