Car Rental Time Money Saving Tips

Car Rental Time Money Saving Tips

Lowest Rates Vs. a​ Good Bargain

The thing is, Car Rental market is​ very competitive one and​ rates differences for​ comparable quality and​ service are relatively small, sometimes as​ small as​ $10 to​ $20. These minuet price differences are going to​ vanish in​ the​ wind when you consider the​ long lines and​ lost time at​ the​ cheapest renter counter, drop charges for​ remote destinations, late return fines, and​ gasoline inflated rates as​ well as​ other service charges you didn’t think about when you shopped for​ the​ “best deal”.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t like to​ pay higher prices more than you do.
We do recommend to​ shop around and​ check the​ various rates available,
especially when it’s so easy to​ do it​ via the​ Internet at​ comparison sites.

All we say here you need to​ consider other things beside the​ price and​ when
you compare please make sure you compare apples to​ apples and​ not apples to​ pears.

Things to​ consider when ordering a​ rented a​ car

Who is​ using the​ car, are you by yourself on a​ business trip or​ you are traveling with the​ whole family? How much luggage are you going to​ have, does the​ car you are thinking about is​ big enough to​ have you all plus all your hand luggage and​ big suitcases? if​ not, consider to​ change to​ a​ mini van or​ a​ car with extra large trunk.

Do you need an​ Infant seat or​ a​ child booster? make sure it​ is​ mentioned clearly with your order, usually there is​ a​ shortage of​ these seats and​ they are provided for​ extra charge. Check the​ state laws for​ where you are traveling.
A new law in​ Denver for​ instance, requires Booster Seats for​ all 4 and​ 5 year olds who are not 55 inches tall.

Do you actually need the​ car in​ the​ town or​ city at​ the​ first few days? if​ not, consider to​ take a​ taxi, a​ bus, a​ train or​ the​ hotel shuttle into the​ city and​ when it’s time for​ you to​ go out of​ town and​ travel around, then, rent the​ car from the​ city location and​ by that save up to​ 15% on Air-Port charges as​ well as​ on city parking fees.

Are you going to​ a​ very warm and​ humid destination? if​ yes, it’s recommended to​ order a​ car with air conditioning, usually the​ price difference is​ negligible, the​ problem is​ that it’s not available in​ all destinations like in​ some European countries.

Most major rental car companies allow for​ unlimited mileage in​ the​ same state, but it's a​ good idea to​ check their policy before confirming. Many smaller local independent companies charge mileage after 100-200 free miles per day.

As mentioned before price is​ not the​ only factor to​ consider when choosing a​ car rental company. if​ you choose a​ very small, no-name company, don’t expect them to​ provide you with service across all nation or​ continent, what would you do if​ the​ car is​ needed to​ be replaced or​ serviced for​ some reason?

Frequent or​ Preferred Renter Programs and​ affiliations

Frequent renter programs, Like airlines and​ hotels, major car rental companies track their customers’ rental histories and​ offer preferential service to​ loyal customers. Most of​ the​ major companies offer frequent renter programs that are similar to​ airline frequent-flyer programs and​ hotel frequent-guest programs.

Preferred renter clubs, Most major car rental companies also offer preferred renter programs or​ clubs (one example is​ the​ Hertz #1 Club). When you belong to​ one of​ these clubs, you get preferential treatment, including automatic upgrades when those cars are available. You can join these programs at​ any time, even if​ you are a​ first-time renter with that company.

While basic-level club memberships are often free, higher-level memberships (as in​ the​ Hertz #1 Gold Club, which allows you to​ bypass the​ rental counter) generally come with a​ price tag. What most people don’t realize is​ that it’s often possible to​ avoid the​ membership fee by simply writing or​ calling your car rental company and​ asking them to​ waive it. They will do it​ because the​ car rental industry is​ very competitive, and​ they want your business

If you're still faced with a​ steep rate, try getting discounts based on your affiliations with organizations like AARP, AAA or​ others. These discounts are usually not great, but they are better than nothing.

In addition, always check for​ corporate rates if​ applicable to​ your situation.

Car Rental Insurance

Some of​ the​ Insurance terms seem to​ be confusing, let’s try to​ clear them out first.

CDW - Collision Damage Waiver.

LDW - Loss Damage Waiver.

PDW - Physical Damage Waiver.

PAI - Personal Accident Insurance.

PEC - Personal Effects Coverage.

ALI - Additional Liability Insurance.

Many of​ the​ Credit Cards have most of​ these coverage, therefore it’s not
mandatory to​ purchase excessive coverage. It’s better to​ check this issue
with your travel agent, insurance agent and​ your credit card company a​ head of​ time. Some Car rental companies require that you show proof of​ insurance.

Also be aware that your personal insurance probably doesn’t apply to​ your rental car when traveling overseas. All this is​ somewhat complicated and​ at​ times confusing because there are no industry standards for​ terminology and​ policies vary by locations.

Important things to​ check and​ do before leaving the​ Air-Port

After a​ long flight and​ the​ waiting in​ lines for​ your luggage and​ afterwards for
your keys at​ the​ car rental counter, it​ is​ understandable you just want to​ take the​ rented car and​ drive away to​ your hotel, but wait! Here is​ a​ list of​ things you must check first.

Start by making a​ careful check around the​ car, look for​ any small dents or​ scratches, in​ case you find some, don’t be lazy, go back to​ the​ office and​ ask a​ representative of​ the​ rental company to​ write down all of​ these dents, ask for​ a​ copy of​ that report. Other wise you might be responsible for​ damages you didn’t perform.

Open the​ trunk, make sure you have a​ spare tire, a​ jack and​ set of​ tools, there is​ noting more irritating than to​ find out in​ the​ middle of​ nowhere that you don’t have a​ jack when you need to​ replace a​ flat tire.

Many car companies will provide you with an​ extra key if​ you ask for​ one. This can come in​ handy for​ some of​ us who are absent minded.

It is​ recommended to​ spend some time to​ get acquainted with the​ cars’ features and​ switches, make sure you know where the​ lights switches are, how to​ operate the​ windshield wipers, the​ air conditioner and​ even set your favorite radio stations as​ well as​ set your side mirrors. it​ might be quiet frustrating to​ fight with the​ new switches while driving, when all of​ a​ sudden it​ starts raining.

Make sure you have a​ map and​ it’s better to​ spend few more minutes and​ plan your driving route.

Last but certainly not least, if​ you have a​ lot of​ luggage, don’t park the​ car in​ the​ parking lot and​ go for​ lunch, in​ many countries, this is​ an​ easy target for
the thieves, It’s better to​ buy some sandwiches and​ beverages in​ the​ air-port, or​ stop somewhere along the​ way for​ refreshing but never leave the​ car unattended.

In case you are involved in​ a​ Car Accident

These are the​ most important pieces of​ information to​ collect from the​ involved parties: full name, mailing address, telephone number, insurance details, and​ drivers’ license number.

Also try to​ get the​ names and​ contact information of​ anyone who witnessed the​ accident. Make a​ note of​ the​ vehicle’s make, color, brand and​ license plate number.

Try to​ pinpoint the​ exact time and​ location of​ the​ accident. if​ the​ police get involved, ensure that you receive a​ copy of​ their report. Don't forget to​ inform your insurance agent immediately and​ notify the​ car rental company.
They will let you know about their accident procedure.

If you purchased insurance through the​ car rental company, they will have to​ make the​ claim. if​ there is​ damage to​ the​ rental car, there will be much paper work to​ complete

Make sure any involved parties are ok. Any injuries should be taken care of​ ASAP.

Call the​ police and/or ambulance (if necessary), and​ then call the​ car rental agency. Be as​ cooperative as​ possible. the​ car rental agency will have its own policies regarding accidents.

Exchange information with the​ affected parties. Try to​ record everything on the​ scene. Your notes should include details of​ the​ accident, identification of​ the​ autos and​ people involved, and​ the​ names and​ badge numbers of​ all emergency personnel.

Take pictures if​ possible. if​ you are on vacation, you will probably have a​ camera handy already.

File an​ accident report with the​ police, and​ report the​ claim to​ your own credit card company or​ insurance company.

When returning the​ Car

Make all necessary arrangements to​ return the​ car on time, that includes looking the​ location in​ the​ map especially if​ you return the​ car in​ a​ foreign city.

Late return charges are high and​ arbitrary, secondly, if​ you are late, you probably won’t have the​ time to​ fill the​ car with gasoline yourself and​ the​ rental company will charge you exorbitant inflated gasoline rates.

In case you return the​ car in​ a​ city location on Sunday, it​ might be that the​ station will be deserted, it​ will let you in​ via automated gate, make sure to​ take the​ card and​ leave it​ over the​ dashboard, this is​ your recorded time of​ arrival.

In addition, lock the​ car, take the​ keys plus your rental contract and​ insert them into the​ designated box.

Car Rental Time Money Saving Tips

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