Car Rental Israel Israel Driving Guide

Are you planning to​ visit Jerusalem and seeking a​ good car rental Israel deal? What about your car hire Israel? Here is​ a​ useful Israel Driving Guide to​ help you drive safely in​ your car rental Israel all over the Holy Land.

International Driver’s License – Car Rental Jerusalem
Do you have an​ American, Canadian, and U.K. driver’s license? if​ so you do not an​ international driver’s license to​ drive in​ Israel. Well, on the other hand, it’s cheap and makes a​ nice souvenir of​ Jerusalem car rental trip. (Be sure to​ take pictures of​ your car rental Israel for you scrap book)

Israel Auto Club - Car Rental Tel Aviv
Israel’s automobile club is​ called MEMSI… Even people living in​ Israel many years have no idea what MEMSI stands so don’t ask them out of​ courtesy… The MEMSI phone number is​ 03- 564-1121 and fax number is​ 03-566-0493. Their main office in​ Tel Aviv at​ 20 Rehov Ha-Rakevet. They are open:30am to​ 7pm, until 1pm on Friday; closed Saturday.

Israel Auto Club - Car Rental Jerusalem
The Jerusalem office of​ MEMSI is​ at​ 31 Ben Yehuda St. (tel. 02-625-9711; fax 02-625-5994); same office hours as​ Tel Aviv.

Israel Auto Club - Car Rental Haifa
The Haifa office of​ MEMSI is​ at​ 31 Ben Yehuda St. (tel. 02-625-9711; fax 02-625-5994);
same office hours as​ Tel Aviv.

Importing Cars Versus Car Rental Israel
In theory, you can bring your car to​ Israel for up to​ one year if​ you have a​ valid license and the car is​ licensed. The good news is​ there is​ no customs or​ deposit required. The bad news is​ the paper work, hassle and cost of​ sending it​ back home. in​ short, a​ car rental Jerusalem, car rental Tel Aviv or​ car rental Haifa is​ the way to​ go - less hassle and cost effective.

Israel Road Conditions - Car Rental Jerusalem
Israel is​ tough on cars and some older roads are narrow and full of​ curves. On the other hand, Israel now builds excellent highways and bridges. Jerusalem has lovely roads that are well maintained and other cities are improving road conditions. There are beautiful winding roads on the way down South to​ Eilat and up north to​ the Golan Heights.

Drivers Education– Israel Car Rental
While some consider Israeli drivers overly aggressive on the road, others are polite and careful drivers. in​ recent years, Israel has initiated on-going driver education for young drivers and veteran drivers that teach defensive driving techniques.

Traffic Tickets – Israel Car Rental
Watch your speed in​ Israel, there are street lights that record speeders, photograph your license plate and send you a​ ticket by mail. There are more speed traps than ever in​ Israel. Don’t ruin your vacation with an​ expensive ticket and having your driver’s license suspended – obey the speed and look out for tailgaters. W hope this Israel Driving Guide helps you enjoy your trip. See you in​ Israel.

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