Car Performance 5 Weight Savings Tips For Performance And Fuel Efficiency

In the​ air travel industry,​ airlines live and die by their operating costs,​ a​ large component of​ which is​ their fuel costs. That is​ why aircraft manufacturers have whole departments whose purpose in​ life is​ to​ track and reduce the​ weight of​ the​ airplanes,​ ounce by ounce and gram by gram. Auto performance enthusiasts can take a​ tip from aerospace engineers- by instituting a​ weight reduction program,​ you can get dramatic performance and power increases and save gas.

What other mod to​ your car can effect braking,​ cornering,​ acceleration and gas mileage,​ reduces wear on​ your engine,​ suspension and brakes,​ and doesn't void your warranty? Not many.

Here are a​ few ways to​ reduce your car's weight you may want to​ consider.

1) Remove all the​ broken parts you don't plan on​ fixing. For example,​ if​ have a​ broken power antenna motor or​ an​ old cassette stereo unit you never use- you can take them out.

2) Clean out your trunk. You might be surprised how much gas you're wasting if​ you haven't looked in​ your trunk in​ awhile. Your spouse or​ teenager (or you!) may have decided this was good place for long-term storage. It's not. Old phone books,​ folding lawn chairs,​ sandbags for winter traction,​ cases of​ dog food,​ we've seen it​ all. They belong in​ the​ garage or​ basement.

3) Lose the​ flashy bling-bling rims. Get forged aluminum wheels to​ replace showy steel wheels. Those are for show,​ not for speed,​ usually. While you're at​ it,​ look for lightweight tires. Compare weight on​ your current tires to​ some others on​ the​ market. the​ differences can be significant.

4) Carbon Fiber Panels instead of​ steel. They may be a​ little pricy,​ but are certainly a​ cost-effective replacement over time. Depending on​ your local vehicle code,​ you may also be able to​ replace your steel hood and trunk lid with carbon fiber ones. Major savings here.

5) Replace power seats with racing seats. Power seats can weigh in​ at​ up to​ 75 pounds each. Replacing them with lightweight fixed-back racing bucket seats that weigh ten pounds or​ less each will shave 150 pounds off your car.

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