Car Maintenance Information You Should Follow

Car Maintenance Information You Should Follow

When you buy a​ vehicle you receive certain instructions regarding maintenance that are recommended by the manufacturer. However, with your busy schedule and the increased cost of​ car maintenance you frequently put off tire and oil changes, checking under the hood, and other similar regular maintenance necessities. Unfortunately, if​ you put off car maintenance due to​ schedule and budget you are risking a​ bigger inconvenience to​ your schedule and budget by having your car breakdown. Consider the following maintenance tips to​ help you keep your car in​ tip top condition.

Oil Change

Your car needs an​ oil change every 3,000 to​ 10,000 miles depending on the way you drive, the age, and condition of​ your vehicle’s engine, highway driving versus in​ town driving, and a​ variety of​ other factors. Because this is​ a​ very wide range in​ which to​ change your oil you should probably change your oil every 5,000 miles if​ you drive like the majority of​ individuals. of​ course, a​ small percentage of​ individuals fit into the high and low ranges of​ the above numbers, but every 5,000 miles is​ a​ good round number for an​ oil change. By following this tip you will spend about 20 minutes and less than $25 and keep your car running for a​ very long time.

Tires and Tire Pressure

You should check your tires on a​ regular basis, especially the tire pressure. Each size tire has a​ recommended tire pressure and maintaining that particular pressure in​ the tire will prolong the life of​ the tire as​ well as​ provide ease of​ driving, not to​ mention increase your safety. When the proper tire pressure is​ maintained in​ your vehicle then braking, cornering, and braking are superior which means your safety is​ increased. Vehicles are not as​ stable when the tire pressure is​ out of​ whack. You should check your tire pressure at​ least once per month. This is​ really easy and free as​ long s you invest in​ a​ small tire pressure gauge which is​ very inexpensive. When you stop for gas and the tank is​ filling up, simply check all of​ your tires to​ ensure the proper air pressure.


You know your brakes are one of​ the most important aspects of​ your car. They slow you down and basically allow you to​ avoid accidents on a​ daily basis. Because of​ this you need to​ be extra alert to​ your brakes. Also, if​ you can tell it​ is​ time to​ change the breaks because they are squealing or​ not slowing your car as​ quickly as​ necessary then don’t put it​ off. Instead, take your lunch break, or​ whatever time you have and have your breaks changed immediately. Additionally, each time your car has the oil changed have a​ full inspection including your breaks to​ make sure the breaks are working properly. if​ not, you may have them changed the same day.

There are lots of​ different aspects of​ your car that need regular maintenance and upkeep. Just make sure you are alert to​ this fact and always follow the manufacturers suggestions when it​ comes to​ your vehicle and your vehicle will last longer and your safety will be increased.

Car Maintenance Information You Should Follow

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