Car Insurance Quotes Could Be Affected By How Dirty Your Car Is

Car Insurance Quotes Could Be Affected By How Dirty Your Car Is
There are many factors which can determine how much your car insurance quotes are but one factor you​ might not have taken into consideration is​ how dirty your car is​ .​
New research however has revealed that there are over 24 million individuals who are driving around amidst rubbish which could be dangerous and lead to​ an​ accident which results in​ an​ insurance claim.
Where car cleaning was once a​ Sunday morning activity enjoyed by the​ majority now a​ startling 1 million have admitted that they have never cleaned their car,​ however it​ is​ not the​ actual appearance that worries insurers .​
55% of​ car drivers also admitted that they did not check their windscreen to​ make sure they could see clearly through it​ before setting off on​ their travels,​ which of​ course is​ an​ accident waiting to​ happen .​
When it​ comes to​ checking headlights 81% admitted they do not bother and another 63% give no thought whatsoever to​ being able to​ see through their wing mirrors .​
All of​ these could potentially cause an​ accident on​ the​ road so there is​ no wonder that insurance companies are concerned.
While women drivers have been favoured when it​ comes to​ getting cheaper car insurance,​ women were the​ worst offenders when it​ came down to​ checking with around 14 % as​ opposed to​ 11% of​ men admitting they never make ay checks such as​ these .​
It is​ not just the​ outside of​ the​ car that can cause problems with safety related issues,​ the​ inside too if​ cluttered too much can be lethal if​ you​ should be involved in​ an​ accident and could also be the​ cause of​ one .​
Any loose item in​ the​ car could become trapped under the​ brake pedal making it​ impossible to​ apply the​ brakes,​ which of​ course could result in​ a​ serious accident .​
While of​ course how dirty your car is​ will reflect on​ how big a​ risk you​ pose,​ there are many other factors which determine the​ amount you​ are asked to​ pay for your cover .​
The easiest way to​ get access to​ the​ cheapest quotes online is​ to​ go with a​ specialist broker .​
a​ specialist car insurance broker will search around on​ your behalf using the​ details you​ give to​ find the​ cheapest premiums for your circumstances along with the​ best deals and give you​ the​ key facts of​ the​ cover .​
It is​ imperative you​ read the​ key facts of​ any policy you​ are considering purchasing as​ this is​ where the​ small print is​ found .​
This will tell you​ such things as​ how much excess you​ will have to​ pay,​ how much in​ total the​ insurance will cost and also any hidden charges and exclusions which could stop you​ from claiming .​
Going for the​ cheapest car insurance quotes is​ not always the​ best as​ you​ have to​ be sure that you​ have the​ cover needed for your circumstances .​
Taking out cheap cover which does not offer breakdown cover if​ you​ need it​ and then adding breakdown cover to​ it​ could work out dearer than had you​ taken out a​ more expensive policy with breakdown cover attached.

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