Car Auctions

Car Auctions

American car auction sales are booming! Today, you can find new and​ used vehicles. Many people prefer to​ purchase a​ new vehicle from a​ car auction because they believe they’re saving money.

Before you attend a​ car auction, so some research on the​ vehicles you’re interested in. Find out what the​ blue book value is​ on the​ vehicle and​ make that your starting point. Look at​ all of​ the​ features and​ even look up consumer reports.

Most auctions operate Thursday, Friday, and​ Saturday. Dealers are given a​ private auction date on one of​ those days. the​ public can attend as​ well, just not on the​ same day. Often, the​ cars are lined up outside of​ the​ facility and​ you can look them over more closely before they go before the​ auctioneer.

Here are some suggestions:
Do your research before going.
Get there early so you can look over the​ car in​ the​ parking lot.
Check for​ smoke out of​ the​ exhaust and​ oil leaking.

Once they start moving through the​ line, your time will be limited. as​ people are bidding, others are looking at​ the​ engine, and​ for​ body dents. the​ entire process takes no more than 5 minutes and​ the​ highest bidder always wins.

Buying a​ vehicle at​ a​ car auction does not mean you’ll have a​ car in​ good condition. There are many risks to​ purchasing a​ car this way. You are not allowed to​ take the​ car for​ a​ ride before you pay for​ it, so the​ ride home is​ when you find out if​ there is​ an​ underline problem.

Despite this, car auctions are still popular. Some people sell vehicles on the​ side that they get from the​ auction and​ make a​ few bucks, while others are more serious and​ obtain a​ dealers license to​ sell them from a​ lot. it​ is​ definitely a​ sale that “buyer should beware of”.

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