Cappuccino Basic Information

Cappuccino: Basic Information
Cappuccino is​ a​ cup of​ coffee with fresh milk and milk foam bubbles burst on the top of​ cup .​
The milk foam bubbles burst acts as​ the insulator and keep the heat of​ the coffee for a​ longer time .​
The color of​ Cappuccino is​ dark brown .​
Normally, the cappuccino is​ served in​ the porcelain cup .​
It is​ better than the glass or​ paper cup .​
Cappuccino is​ a​ name that from the color of​ the robe of​ priest in​ Roman Catholic called Capuchin .​
It always drinks in​ the morning with breakfast .​
And now, cappuccino is​ modified to​ serve by the chain stores and the other manufacturing.
Type of​ Cappuccino
Base on the mixture ratios of​ the cappuccino
1 .​
Traditional Cappuccino
It is​ the espresso with the hot foam milk on the top .​
The Thick of​ foam milk is​ about 1 cm.
2 .​
Cappuccino Chiaro (Light Cappuccino or​ Wet Cappuccino)
There is​ more milk ratio than the normal cappuccino.
3 .​
Cappuccino Scuro (Dark Cappuccino or​ Dry Cappuccino)
There is​ less milk ratio than the normal cappuccino.
How to​ make a​ cup of​ cappuccino
1 .​
Roasted bean = 8-10 grams
2 .​
Fresh milk = 4-6 ounces
3 .​
Coffee cup = 6 ounces
4 .​
Chocolate or​ cinnamon powder
5 .​
The important point in​ making the cappuccino is​ the milk with foam bubbles .​
The skilled barista who has acquired some level of​ expertise in​ the preparation of​ coffee should be pay attention while creating the milk foam bubble burst in​ each type if​ cappuccino.
1 .​
Use one by tree of​ coffee volume in​ a​ cup.
2 .​
Heat the fresh milk with 60 grade Celsius or​ lower.
3 .​
Make the fine milk foam bubbles burst in​ suitable volume.
4 .​
Add one by tree cup of​ warm milk in​ the cup.
5 .​
Use a​ tea spoon for take the milk foam bubbles burst on the top of​ coffee until the edge of​ cup.
6 .​
Before serve, sprinkle the top with chocolate or​ cinnamon powder.
Ice Cappuccino (Cappuccino Freddo)
The method is​ similar to​ hot cappuccino .​
Ice cappuccino is​ cappuccino that serves with ice .​
The ice has to​ fine to​ small molecule .​
The glass volume should be 8-12 ounces and cylinder shape .​
Put cappuccino in​ fine ice and add the milk foam bubbles burst on the top about one of​ three from the edge of​ the glass .​
Before serve, coffee maker ought to​ wait a​ moment for cooled glass of​ cappuccino .​
And do not forget to​ put a​ stick in​ the glass .​
The drinkers should drink all in​ one time because if​ the ice melt, the taste/flavor will change.
How to​ drink Cappuccino
1 .​
Never stir Cappuccino with spoon.
2 .​
Normally, no need to​ add sugar because the Cappuccino is​ pretty sweet already .​
But if​ you want sweeter, add sugar a​ tea spoon and stir with gentle .​
Never use syrup as​ sweetener in​ Cappuccino because milk and syrup will incompatibility.
3 .​
Smell the flavor of​ Chocolate or​ cinnamon powder before drinking.
4 .​
After drinking, the foamed milk will stick at​ the bottom of​ the cup .​
If no foamed milk stick means the method of​ making coffee is​ not good enough.

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