Capella University An Honest Review

Capella University An Honest Review

Online universities are a​ boon for adults who wish to​ continue their education despite working. Capella is​ amongst those names that come to​ mind foremost when one is​ considering earning a​ degree online. Formed in​ 1993, Capella University became fully accredited in​ 1997. With accreditation came a​ name change and formation of​ five different schools namely: Education, Business, Technology, Human Sciences and Psychology. Headquartered in​ Minneapolis, Minnesota, the university offers 650 courses in​ 70 specialization areas of​ studies. With statistics such as​ 650 faculty members and over 550 administrative and personnel staff, the university is​ inarguably one of​ the better places to​ earn an​ online degree and currently has over 13,000 learners enrolled with it.

There are several upsides and some down sides of​ studying at​ Capella. Consider these points for instance:

Capella has a​ personalized portal for e-learning called iGuide. After enrolling students are given secure access to​ courses and transcripts which will enable you to​ join the interactive learning community. On joining the online classroom, which they refer to​ as​ ‘Courseroom’ the student has access to​ online assignments and discussion forums. Most students find this alternative far superior to​ the cumbersome online chats and perpetually non-functioning webcams of​ their competitors. Similarly, the assignment submission protocol through Capella is​ quite convenient. Under the system, students have to​ submit their assignments in​ zip files or​ Microsoft Word documents.

The University also offers a​ number of​ opportunities that extend beyond graduation. One, for example is​ the alumni center located on the online portal. This service offers recent graduates and students access to​ networking opportunities, professional employment information, and developmental grants. Students are generally pleased with this feature although some have criticized the alumni center as​ being much more fluff than actual job offers.

While on the subject of​ employment, it​ is​ important to​ consider that many students in​ online universities choose that option for the chance to​ work at​ the same time. Unfortunately, however, students are frequently finding that the University does not do much by way of​ providing employment for students. Students find the opportunity for work-study rather dismal. The University does not offer much assistance for this except for students who live in​ the vicinity of​ the headquarters.

While this type of​ limitation might be expected from an​ online university, the school does offer some rather extensive assistance when it​ comes to​ special needs for learning. Capella University provides disability services to​ physically challenged students in​ the form of​ additional learning time, residential colloquia support, including sign language interpreters and mobility assistance.

Regarding other services, however, Capella comes up short. Capella does have a​ bookstore, which offers a​ wide variety of​ books and software. But it​ is​ generally felt that the books can definitely be bought a​ lot cheaper from other places instead of​ the university bookstore. While some students claim that the use of​ a​ University book store is​ merely a​ means for Capella to​ generate revenue at​ the expense of​ the school, it​ is​ rather simple to​ opt out of​ this trap by purchasing books online. And in​ other respects, the school, regarding cost, is​ quite competitive with other online universities, and a​ real bargain compared to​ its brick and mortar counterparts.

While many of​ the individual schools within Capella carry quite a​ strong reputation, the psychology school is​ regarded as​ quite unsatisfactory. The Psychology School has been plagued with some problems concerning its top management. The school has been beset with repeat changes of​ deans resulting in​ total lack of​ coordination. Add to​ this, the program is​ till now, not approved by the apex American Psychological Association (APA) despite being in​ existence for so many years.

But as​ stated previously, the condition of​ this particular school should not be taken as​ an​ indication of​ the collective university. With a​ faculty numbering 650, many students find the quality and variety of​ professors a​ major asset to​ the university. Some students have argued, however, that contrary to​ this, existing students often complain of​ these very instructors as​ being part time contractors and as​ such not dedicated enough to​ adequately serve their students as​ teachers and mentors. in​ fact professors at​ Capella are often labeled as​ ‘incapable of​ online teaching’, a​ criticism pointing to​ many professors non-familiarity with the online environment. an​ argument in​ favor of​ this thought comes from the experience of​ some students who loved the experience of​ pursuing an​ online masters degree with Capella and after coming back for more by enrolling for their doctoral program, were disappointed. They claim an​ obvious degradation of​ quality of​ mentoring at​ the higher levels. This may be because the vast majority of​ students enrolled at​ Capella do not seek to​ extend their education that far.

Overall Capella provides students with a​ bit of​ a​ mixed bag. The format of​ class teaching and the ease of​ assignment submissions is​ a​ very tangible benefit of​ this school over its competitors. in​ addition, the University faculty has some very able-minded and talented teachers. But with these positives, come some very serious drawbacks. The teaching quality at​ Capella is​ inconsistent at​ times, leaving some students with the impression that the qualifications required for teaching are too low. Additionally, the failure of​ the school to​ attain accreditation in​ some areas, despite its age, can only leave the impression that the quality of​ the administration has some serious flaws.

Capella University An Honest Review

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