Canon Lenses Is It Worth Buying The Brand Name And Not The Cheaper

Canon Lenses Is It Worth Buying The Brand Name And Not The Cheaper Alternatives

Canon Lenses: is​ It Worth Buying The Brand Name And Not The Cheaper Alternatives?
If you own a​ newer Canon SLR, you have several choices of​ lens brands that you can buy for your camera .​
In addition to​ buying Canon brand lenses that work with the automatic focus of​ modern Canon’s, you can buy lenses from third party vendors such as​ Sigma and Tamron, who make Canon-compatible lenses for less cost than Canon .​
After having spent a​ large amount of​ money on the camera body, you may be asking yourself if​ it​ is​ worth spending the extra bucks for the brand name lens as​ well .​
I​ am an​ amateur photographer, so am certainly no expert, but from the day that I​ bought my Canon SLR with its brand name lenses you could see a​ marked jump in​ improvement in​ my photo albums .​
It is​ like someone focused everything and turned on the lights! I​ recently switched to​ a​ digital Canon and gave my six-year-old film Canon to​ my mother .​
Her photos showed the same amazing improvement.
Reasons to​ Buy the Canon Lens
I generally like to​ stick to​ matching brand names with brand names, and my research has shown that most people on the web agree that doing so with Canon lenses is​ worth it .​
The first reason for the popularity of​ this Canon lens is​ image quality .​
Canon lenses are well-corrected for distortion, and have excellent color fidelity and contrast .​
In addition, they are characterized by superior lens construction .​
Canon lenses are the choice of​ many imaging professionals the world over, whether those lenses are being used on EOS SLR cameras or​ on broadcast cameras.
Canon Lens Critics
As with any product, Canon lenses have their critics .​
For example, I​ found one person who felt that on the Canon lens the auto focus seemed slower than and not as​ decisive as​ the other lenses they had owned, especially in​ low light.
Canon Lens Facts and Benefits
Lenses are extremely complex and sensitive pieces of​ equipment in​ which a​ myriad of​ problems can occur .​
Canon lenses are adjusted through the camera body with no on-lens control .​
All modern Canon lenses focus with a​ motor in​ the lens, which may be one of​ the main reasons my mother and I​ got such great photos .​
If you are near-sighted, this is​ an​ especially nice feature since it​ is​ difficult to​ focus manually if​ you wear glasses.
Used Canon Lenses
Another great reason to​ invest in​ the higher priced Canon brand lens is​ that camera lenses tend to​ hold their monetary value over time, while camera bodies do not .​
I​ have bought both a​ used Canon lens and a​ new Canon lens for work and home and, frankly, I​ could not tell any difference other than the price.

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