Canoe Buying Guide

Canoe Buying Guide

The origin of​ canoes is​ as​ old as​ civilization itself. The American aborigines were said to​ be one of​ the early users of​ canoes. They use tree trunks as​ the main part of​ the canoe or​ the hull, fastened with sap, and stitched with tree roots. These primitive types of​ canoes were popularly known as​ dugout canoes.

A canoe is​ a​ human- operated miniature boat. This means that humans need to​ exert extra effort in​ paddling to​ travel using the canoe.

Unlike rowing, paddling requires the paddlers to​ look towards the course of​ travel. Paddlers are propped up on either side of​ the hull. Rowing, on the other hand, requires the rowers to​ face on the opposite direction of​ the course of​ travel.

Canoes were primarily used as​ a​ means of​ transportation. of​ course, as​ modern technology has developed the varieties of​ substances to​ be used in​ making canoes, their functions had evolved as​ well. Today, canoes are also used in​ competitions and recreational activities.

Canoes can offer a​ great deal of​ entertaining and relaxing time with your family. Best of​ all, you can even get close to​ nature by paddling through the tranquil waters of​ the area and observe the wilderness on its natural state.

As much as​ canoes seem to​ be the easiest water equipment in​ the world, buying them may not look so simple. Remember, canoes may give you various benefits depending on their particular functions.

For instance, an​ aluminum canoe may be more durable than canvas canoe. Hence, aluminum canoes are for rough water adventures.

Given all that, it​ is​ imperative that you know how to​ choose the kind of​ canoe that will best work for you. Go after these principles in​ buying canoes to​ find out that type works best for you.

1. Know what you want

Before, canoes were primarily made and used as​ a​ means of​ transportation. Today, canoes are typically classified according to​ the way people want to​ make use of​ them.

For this reason, buying a​ canoe can be very tricky. if​ you are not yet sure why you want to​ buy a​ canoe, it​ is​ best to​ forego purchasing one first. You may not be aware of​ it​ but buying a​ canoe without a​ clear plan of​ what you want to​ do will only bring cause you problems.

For instance, if​ you are planning to​ take your family on a​ weekend nature trip across the lake, it​ is​ best to​ buy a​ canoe made of​ canvas. This is​ perfect for shallow, calm waters in​ the lake. With this kind of​ canoe, you and your family will surely enjoy the breathtaking view of​ the rough country.

2. Be wary of​ sizes, shapes, and length

Canoe dimensions can greatly influence the performance and function of​ a​ particular type of​ canoe. For example, a​ longer canoe can travel faster than the shorter ones. Flat- bottomed canoes provide exceptional primary strength and steadiness. Also, of​ course, bigger canoes can accommodate more weight compared to​ the regular ones.

So if​ you need a​ particular feature, it​ is​ best to​ consider the dimensions of​ your canoe and see for yourself if​ it​ will best work for you.

3. Never buy a​ canoe with a​ keel

It does not necessarily mean that keels are bad. The only reason is​ that keels will reduce the canoes capability to​ speedily maneuver the canoe to​ stay away from barriers or​ hurdles. That is​ why, it​ is​ better to​ use keeled canoes on open water or​ lake trips.

So the next time you want to​ buy a​ canoe, it​ is​ best that you buy a​ canoe without a​ keel to​ facilitate manual control.

4. Do not believe on load amount as​ advertised

This does not necessarily mean that there is​ no truth on the advertisements. What is​ being pointed out is​ that these ads do not stand for anything of​ high- value because most of​ the weight is​ being held in​ the center.

When buying a​ canoe, just always remember that canoes with broader edges can float better while canoes with tapered ends are quicker.

5. Think about the depth of​ a​ canoe

The usual and ideal depth for a​ typical canoe is​ 12 inches, that is, for the simplest form of​ a​ canoe. of​ course, depth may still vary depending on the desires of​ the users.

For instance, paddlers or​ a​ camper may desire for an​ improved feature. Hence, they can either wait for the next kind of​ canoe available.

Indeed, canoe buying is​ not an​ easy job, but it​ is​ never difficult either. You only have to​ consider these simple guidelines in​ buying canoes to​ get the best buys ever, and the rest, as​ they say, is​ history.

Canoe Buying Guide

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