Candle Fund Raisers Are Highly Profitable For Your Organization

Candle Fund Raisers Are Highly Profitable For Your Organization
Fund raisers are a​ great way to​ raise money for your school, sports team or​ other type organization .​
What’s also nice about them is​ that they are a​ very sociable way to​ earn money for a​ good cause because you’re out there meeting the community .​
For younger participants, fundraisers can even be an​ early lesson in​ sales and marketing .​
A very high-profit fundraising item right now is​ candles which are fun and very easy to​ sell because of​ their popularity .​
Candles are a​ much better choice than food or​ over-priced novelty items that tend to​ generate lower profits .​
They are a​ rapidly growing option that is​ more appealing to​ the public because they are a​ non-junk food alternative to​ fund raisers .​
Candle fund raisers can also be very lucrative because they come in​ so many different varieties of​ size, color and scents creating a​ great earning potential .​
For school fundraiser such as​ band or​ sports teams, you can purchase and resell candles in​ your school’s colors .​
For any type of​ organization, especially religious congregations, think about holiday themed candles for those times of​ the year .​
If your group has decided to​ embark on a​ candle fund raiser, a​ plan of​ action is​ a​ very important step for reaching your fund raising goal .​
You should start by determining the amount of​ money you want to​ raise .​
Next, figure out how many people in​ your organization are willing to​ take part in​ the campaign and then set your deadlines by deciding on when your group is​ planning to​ start and stop the fundraiser .​
Research the candle manufactures that get involved with fundraisers and supply these types of​ items for that purpose .​
You’ll want to​ start comparison shopping so that you can ensure the most profit .​
Once you’ve got your partnership in​ place, the next step would be to​ determine the ‘new’ sale price of​ each candle and the number of​ candles each participant in​ the fund raiser will need to​ sell in​ order to​ achieve your goal .​
Be sure to​ let everyone involved know what the expectations are and encourage them to​ use their best selling skills .​
Also, if​ you’re using brochures to​ sell the candles, you’ll want to​ supply your sellers with everything they’ll need to​ make meeting your fund raising objective as​ organized and easy as​ possible .​
Give them plenty of​ order forms and make them aware of​ shipping and delivery time periods so that they can let their customers know when to​ expect their items .​
By following a​ few guidelines and setting a​ fair, but profitable pricing structure, your organization should be well on its way to​ reaching its fund raising target! Good Luck!

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