Cancer Prevention And Green Tea Intake

Cancer Prevention And Green Tea Intake

Cancer Prevention and​ ​ Green Tea Intake
Green tea drinkers are said to be less susceptible to cancer than nondrinkers. ​
This has already been proven by some clinical studies. ​
You see, green tea is​ quite popular for​ many years now. ​
The ancient Chinese are known to drink green tea because of​ its many health benefits and​ ​ now, more and​ ​ more people all over the​ world are drinking the​ amazing tea. ​
Cancer rates in countries that consume a​ large amount of​ green tea are much lower and​ ​ that is​ according to statistics. ​
The polyphenol content of​ green tea is​ said to effectively fight cancer cells from developing. ​

Animal tests have proven that green tea can help in reducing the​ formation of​ certain tumors in the​ skin, bladder, esophagus, ovary, pancreas, and​ ​ prostate. ​
The results were due to the​ antioxidant properties of​ green tea. ​
EGCG or​ epigallocatechin is​ the​ primary polyphenol which has anticancer and​ ​ antiinflammatory properties. ​
Other polyphenols also have the​ same properties which can prevent skin cancer and​ ​ even skin tumors.
The growth of​ cancer cells in the​ esophagus is​ also typical but drinking green tea can suppress the​ growth of​ such cancer cells. ​
Studies regarding esophageal cancer produced different results. ​
Women tested to drink green tea were protected from esophageal cancer but the​ other group was susceptible to it. ​
The study concluded and​ ​ recommended that futher studies should be conducted with regards to esophageal cancer. ​

The human bladder is​ another vital organ in the​ body. ​
Again, researchers are trying to prove if​ ​ there is​ a​ connection between the​ consumption of​ tea and​ ​ bladder cancer. ​
Clinical studies among women proved that bladder cancer was prevented vy drinking gree tea and​ ​ another clinical study among men with existing bladder cancer had higher chances of​ survival when green tea was introduced into their diet. ​

The pancreas can also benefit from the​ anticancer properties of​ green tea. ​
Both men and​ ​ women who drank green tea were less prone to pancreatic cancer; however, further studies should be conducted by researchers before they can recommend it​ for​ prevention of​ pancreatic cancer. ​
Then theres the​ ever increasing number of​ ovarian cancer patients. ​
Conclusive studies in China among ovarian cancer patients proved quite effective. ​
With one cup green tea everyday, the​ patients lived longer.
Test tube lab studies also proved that green tea can prevent prostate cancer among men. ​
So far, the​ studies in different types of​ cancer gave positive effects when green tea was introduced. ​
by simply increasing the​ quantity, frequency, as​ well as​ the​ duration of​ taking the​ tea, the​ development of​ cancer can be prevented. ​

Cancer has always been a​ health problem in different age groups. ​
For many years, doctors and​ ​ researchers have fought against cancer and​ ​ finally, they came up with an excellent remedy that is​ not very expensive. ​
So while youre still young and​ ​ healthy, make sure you drink green tea everyday. ​
Make it​ a​ part of​ your diet, whether youre trying to lose weight or​ not. ​
There are a​ lot of​ benefits of​ taking green tea and​ ​ if​ ​ you want to achieve a​ much healthier body, start taking it​ now. ​
Commercial green tea are widely available, as​ well as​ the​ supplement forms. ​
if ​ you want to take the​ supplemets, you can ask prescription from your doctor. ​

Although this may mean additional cost on your part, the​ money youll be spending is​ much lesser than having to go through a​ cancer medication program. ​
Help fight cancer; drink your green tea everyday. ​
Just in case you want to be extra sure, ask your doctor about the​ health benefits you can derive from tea and​ ​ youll be surprised if​ ​ your doctor agrees with you in taking green tea.

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