Cancer Information

Cancer Information
A diagnosis of​ cancer can be very frightening, and​ the​ best way is​ conquer fear is​ through greater knowledge of​ the​ topic. to​ find reputable health related resources online including cancer information like early detection, prevention, treatment, new research advances and​ more visit the​ American Cancer Society at​ www. cancer. org, dedicated to​ eliminating cancer as​ a​ major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and​ diminishing suffering. This site is​ educational and​ easy to​ navigate; there is​ plenty of​ comprehensive information on specific cancer topics discussing common types of​ cancer including bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon and​ rectal cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, melanoma, NonHodgkin’s lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer nonmelanoma, and​ thyroid cancer, in​ addition to​ causes, treatments, coping, ​Drug​ information, and​ clinical trials.
The National Cancer Institute of​ the​ United States National Institutes of​ Health located online at​ www. cancer. gov features accurate, uptodate, comprehensive cancer information from the​ United State government’s principal agency for​ cancer research. Find common types of​ cancer listed by types in​ AZ format, by body location and​ system, childhood cancers, womens cancers, clinical trial results, educational materials, and​ other cancer topics including treatment, prevention, genetics, causes, screening and​ testing, coping with cancer, smoking and​ cancer, cancer health disparities, fact sheets, and​ more. This site discusses types of​ cancer treatment, and​ cancer ​Drug​s including specific ​Drug​s approved to​ treat cancer or​ conditions related to​ cancer, and​ updates on new ​Drug​ development and​ approval. Complementary and​ alternative medicine, like healing philosophies, approaches, and​ therapies are popular options, and​ can be used in​ addition to​ or​ instead of​ conventional cancer treatment as​ well.
Learn about cancer treatment trials that are of​ potential benefit to​ you or​ a​ loved one and​ use this information to​ help decide whether or​ not to​ participate. Also find good suggestions for​ choosing a​ physician and​ cancer treatment facility, national Cancer Institute supported cancer centers, after care treatment like followup medical care, physical and​ emotional changes, changes in​ social relationships, and​ workplace issues. You can also access breast cancer information, lung cancer information, and​ more general information on cancer online at​ www. cancerinfo. com, an extensive cancer website offering unbiased support and​ information regarding all types of​ cancer and​ chemotherapy options, cancer research advances, continuing medical education and​ more. Take this new found knowledge and​ use it​ to​ beat cancer; get a​ new perspective and​ a​ new outlook on life.

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