Cancer Causes

Cancer Causes

Remember that movie with Sean Connery called the​ Medicine Man? He actually found the​ cure for​ cancer in​ this flick. WOW! Can you even imagine the​ stellar impact this would have on our world? So many people and​ so much suffering would be put to​ an end. if​ we only had a​ cure to​ this one measly illness. Okay, so its not so measly. But there are just so many more out there. in​ the​ big scheme of​ things, one sort of​ illness doesnt sound like a​ lot. Then again, Im addressing the​ big bad, arent I. Nothing seems worse than cancer to​ me. Its that sneaky health affliction that can attack you at​ and​ time. Theres no vaccination for​ it. Now, what about the​ cancer causes? Surely by now we have some understanding of​ where this pesky illness derives from and​ why it​ attacks some and​ not others.
We are always learning more about diseases and​ how they affect our bodies and​ minds. Cancer is​ definitely in​ the​ top ten that are researched regularly. We want to​ know cancer causes and​ how to​ prevent this illness from striking. Well, the​ truth is​ we do know quite a​ bit from studies done around the​ globe. One of​ the​ major cancer causes concerns food. Yes indeed, that stuff you eat everyday could be pushing you closer and​ closer to​ cancers doorstep. Want to​ know a​ few products that should be avoided? Well, Im going to​ real them off anyway. Salt, sugar, saturated sat, GMOs, cholesterol, and​ many more. One that I ​ think is​ not commonly discussed is​ dairy. I ​ recently found out that calcium received from dairy products can be harmful to​ men. in​ fact, they encourage the​ onset of​ prostate cancer. YIKES! No men want this! Other causes are foods loaded with fat. This is​ one thing thats redundantly said regarding cancer causes. Stay away from a​ high fat diet! Its terrible any way you slice it.
Any fool can tell you that one of​ the​ major cancer causes is​ smoking and​ secondhand smoke. This should be a​ given in​ this day and​ age. the​ diet, however, is​ a​ factor not realized by many. Well, now that you know, its time to​ pay attention. Watch what you put into your body. Food is​ amongst the​ major cancer causes. a​ poor diet will damage you over time.

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