Can You Inventory All Your Computers In 2 Clicks

Can You Inventory All Your Computers In 2 Clicks

ClearApps says that you can! the​ importance of​ software and hardware audit can hardly be overestimated these days. Rapid development of​ hyper networks requires powerful software that provides really simple

solution for administrators to​ inventory computers at​ low costs but high efficiency.

This is​ exactly what PC Inventory Advisor by ClearApps is. For the​ price of​ less than USD 1,​5 per PC you can inventory scalable networks with more than 500 computers. This professional tool also features

many additional simple utilities to​ gather remote data and analyze it​ using unique agent-free approach. You can’t and don’t have to​ be in​ many places at​ the​ same time,​ you just need to​ download this new

product,​ and start generating eye-catching reports in​ no time at​ all.

PC Inventory Advisor saves your time and requires very low investments on​ software and hardware audit with huge returns and savings. it​ has everything you need for effective computer inventory. PC Inventory

Advisor automatically queries all computers on​ your network and reports back with details about OS and hotfixes,​ installed software and hardware,​ running processes and services,​ new assets that appear,​

right-on-time network alerts and visual comparison of​ configurations. With all the​ features it​ includes,​ PC Inventory Advisor makes PC audit a​ breeze!

Product Highlights

- ribbon-style user interface for better access to​ effective computer inventory;

- the​ most informative reports ever,​ including every minor detail you can get from all your assets remotely;

- nicely organized report snapshots stored by dates,​ so you can easily compare configurations you had before,​ track network changes,​ and have access to​ your network inventory by time;

- simple printing and exporting of​ software and hardware audit reports;

- new scanning speed and simultaneous multi-scan of​ any number of​ computers;

- and much more!

ClearApps homepage: Network Inventory software

Can You Inventory All Your Computers In 2 Clicks

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