Can Web Design Be Optimized

Can Web Design Be Optimized

Can Web Design be Optimized?
Your web design is​ the​ face of​ your business online .​
Through designing, you are going to​ make an​ impact on your customers .​
While creating any website, the​ basic aspects of​ web design are-
1. Content-The content is​ the​ substance of​ the​ website and​ should be relevant to​ the​ site .​
It should target the​ customers and​ visitors.
2. Usability-The site should be user-friendly with the​ interface and​ navigation system simple and​ reliable.
3. Appearance-The graphics and​ text should include a​ single style that flows throughout for​ consistency.
4. Visibility of​ the​ site-The site should be easy to​ find via most search engines .​
Optimization is​ a​ process of​ making something functional and​ effective .​
Web design optimization is​ a​ continuous process of​ improving the​ design to​ achieve business goals .​
An optimized web page loads quickly on the​ client’s system, so your website visitor can quickly get the​ information they had come for.

The reasons for​ optimization are varied .​
These include increasing download speed, increasing its search engine ranking and​ applying modern web standards.
Now the​ question arises-whether optimization of​ web design is​ possible or​ not .​
Here, we are going to​ discuss the​ ways for​ optimization.
1. Optimize Graphics for​ Web Use-Even today, a​ large number of​ people use dial up connection for​ web use .​
With slow browsing speed, they don’t want to​ wait for​ pages to​ load .​
And as​ a​ business owner, you can’t afford to​ loose a​ single customer .​
If you have a​ graphic intensive site, all you need to​ do is​ optimize your graphics for​ web use .​
Here optimizing means compressing the​ size of​ graphics for​ fast download .​
2. Emphasize On Content-Make sure that the​ content of​ the​ website is​ laid out effectively .​
If you only concentrate on look and​ ignore the​ content, you can’t make an​ impact on your customers .​
You need to​ provide a​ concise, convincing message and​ information about your website, if​ you want your visitors to​ buy your product or​ service .​
Make sure that your content is​ simple and​ easy to​ understand.
3. Install a​ Navigation System That Compliments Search Engines-Navigation systems are built to​ help visitors find their way around your website .​
Therefore, they should be designed carefully to​ make them search engine friendly .​
Search engines need a​ chain of​ hypertext links starting at​ your home page that will take them page by page in​ your entire site .​
The problem is​ that if​ JavaScript and​ flash systems replace plain hyperlinks, the​ search engine may not be able to​ find the​ underlying pages .​
You can optimize the​ flash and​ images for​ better use and​ quick downloading.
4. Emphasize On Color, Shapes and​ Font Size-Things like color, shape and​ sizes of​ font can make a​ big impact on overall message .​
Using blue, green, silver, grey as​ color can create a​ calm effect .​
Using rounded corners instead of​ hard edges within your design can enable a​ soft and​ personalised feeling.
5. Keep It Simple- Look at​ some successful websites like Google that is​ very simple .​
Do not use bloated features .​
Keep your goals as​ well as​ visitor’s needs in​ mind when adding a​ feature.

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