Can Taking Too Much Ginseng Cause Sleeping Difficulties

While ginseng can be very relaxing, however, it​ is​ not the perfect herb. The risks are just as​ debated as​ the benefits are, but it​ is​ worth knowing about them before you take any ginseng so that you can be cautious if​ you need to​ be.

To start off with, there are some people who would be best to​ stay away from ginseng altogether: anyone with a​ blood-related condition (such as​ diabetes or​ high blood pressure), people with plant allergies, women who are pregnant or​ breastfeeding, and children. People with a​ plant allergy may find that ginseng makes them feel short of​ breath or​ swell up, and children should be kept away from ginseng because its effects on their developing bodies are not yet known. if​ you really want to​ take ginseng, it​ will probably be alright, but you absolutely must consult a​ doctor first.

The biggest controversy about the risks of​ ginseng surrounds a​ condition known as​ Ginseng Abuse Syndrome, discovered by a​ Dr. Siegel. He claims that taking too much ginseng can cause difficulty sleeping, all-over swelling and tense muscles. Ginseng producers and herbal enthusiasts hotly dispute these findings, but all the same, it​ is​ best to​ stick to​ the guidelines on your ginseng packet and not exceed the recommended daily dose.

As herbal supplements are not tightly regulated, it​ is​ also worth considering that what you’re buying may not even be ginseng at​ all, or​ might have been contaminated somehow – there have been many cases of​ herbal supplements accidentally getting contaminated with poisonous metals. to​ avoid getting fake or​ tainted ginseng, you should only buy from a​ shop you trust, not from street dealers, and avoid anything that seems suspiciously cheap or​ comes in​ unclear packaging. if​ in​ doubt, walk away – over all, it​ is​ best to​ cheap to​ the larger health store chains for this kind of​ thing.

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