Can SEO Services Really Promise A First Page Ranking

Can SEO Services Really Promise A First Page Ranking

It’s a​ valid question. Can SEO Services Really Promise a​ First Page Ranking? Are you​ one of​ those who pay lip service to​ SEO because it​ is​ ‘the thing to​ do’ and then complain when Google or​ Yahoo fail to​ list any of​ your webpages in​ their indices? Do you​ actually understand what a​ search engine is​ and how it​ works? Do you​ know what a​ search term or​ a​ keyword is,​ or​ how the​ search engines use them to​ index your web pages?

If not,​ don’t feel alone. you​ are one of​ the​ 99% who have no idea what I am talking about. Yet you​ expect your website to​ be listed on​ Google. Don’t you? if​ so,​ you​ had better think again because Google do not list websites. That’s all I am going to​ say about that,​ and if​ you​ don’t understand,​ then try entering a​ search term into Google and examine the​ results.

The sad fact is​ that the​ vast majority of​ people who try to​ make money from the​ internet fail. a​ lot less than 1 in​ 100,​ make more than they spend trying to​ succeed. to​ succeed you​ must learn from those who have done it​ themselves. I know it​ sounds trite,​ but there is​ no time any more for people to​ learn ‘through experience’. I learned through experience: I am still paying for that ‘experience’ four years on.

To succeed you​ must have an​ open mind. the​ internet is​ not a​ gold mine except for those that persuade you​ that it​ is,​ and then take your hard earned cash to​ show you​ how. There is​ one secret to​ online success and that is​ free advertising. I know,​ I can hear you​ saying it​ already! There is​ no such thing! And you​ would be right to​ say so. However,​ there is​ cheap advertising: advertising that you​ pay only to​ find out how to​ get it.

That is​ search engine position for the​ keywords of​ your choice! if​ you​ appear on​ the​ first page of,​ for example,​ Google,​ then you​ get as​ much exposure as​ those that are paying high sums of​ money to​ pay for the​ Adwords adverts that you​ see on​ the​ right hand side of​ the​ results page. you​ appear on​ the​ left hand side,​ and guess where people look for information? Yup,​ the​ left hand side! That has been proved. the​ left side is​ associated with adverts,​ and no wonder since the​ left hand side is​ full of​ adverts!

However,​ to​ get on​ the​ left hand side of​ that first page,​ you​ have to​ be visited by the​ search engine spiders that will crawl your site and determine your listing position. if​ you​ get crawled! That is​ challenge number 1.

Challenge number 2 is​ to​ get listed on​ the​ first page for your keyword. to​ achieve that you​ have to​ understand how search engines work. if​ you​ do not,​ then you​ have very little chance without paying a​ fortune to​ SEO companies. if​ you​ learn how to​ do it​ yourself,​ it​ will cost you​ nothing. No SEO company can guarantee you​ a​ Page 1 listing – unless the​ keyword they list you​ for is​ never used by anybody. I can get a​ Page 1 listing on​ any search engine for the​ keyword ‘ybomang’,​ but unless that suddenly appears as​ a​ character in​ Harry Potter,​ nobody will ever search for that. Use it​ yourself and you​ will be in​ position 1!

No SEO company can guarantee a​ high listing for any but useless keywords. They can ‘improve’ your listing but not provide,​ as​ many do,​ a​ ‘Top 10’ listing. So do not be misled. What you​ must do is​ learn how search engines work,​ and then apply that knowledge to​ persuading them to​ visit one or​ more pages of​ your website,​ and include them in​ its indices for the​ search terms,​ or​ keywords,​ that each of​ your pages is​ dedicated to.

You must dedicate every individual page on​ your website to​ one,​ and only one,​ keyword. That keyword must be a​ search term that you​ know that is​ being commonly used by others to​ find the​ information that is​ contained on​ your web page. you​ must then provide good informative content on​ that page that relates to​ that keyword,​ and do what you​ can to​ attract spiders and make them just love the​ content on​ your web page. So much so that they want everybody looking for the​ information that your page provides to​ visit it​ by showing it​ prominently on​ the​ search engine results page.

There are ways of​ doing that,​ and you​ won’t come across them accidentally. you​ will have to​ learn them,​ not pay for them,​ unless you​ have a​ deep pocket since the​ rules change frequently,​ and what is​ optimized today might not be optimized next month! DIY is​ the​ buzz word for home improvement,​ so also make it​ the​ buzz word for website improvement. it​ could earn you​ more money than a​ few shelves in​ your kitchen!

Can SEO Services Really Promise a​ First Page Ranking? of​ course not!

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