Can Green Tea Treat Skin Cancer

Can Green Tea Treat Skin Cancer?
Some of​ the​ most promising cancer research going on today involves the​ use of​ green tea and​ ​ its ability to prevent cancer and​ ​ even treat cancer in patients who have already been diagnosed with the​ disease. ​
Researchers are examining many possibilities for​ how green tea might be used, and​ ​ working to determine the​ cancer types for​ which it​ holds the​ most promise.
Over the​ last few years, scientists have learned a​ great deal about the​ importance of​ a​ diet rich in antioxidants. ​
Antioxidants are a​ powerful tool in slowing down the​ aging process and​ ​ preventing disease. ​
They are even more important than even with the​ number of​ processed foods we consume. ​
Fresh fruits and​ ​ vegetables are rich in antioxidants, as​ is​ dark chocolate and​ ​ green tea. ​
Coffee is​ also a​ source of​ antioxidants, though it​ is​ not nearly as​ rich in them as​ green tea.
The process our bodies go through to convert our food to energy creates free radicals each day. ​
Free radicals are oxygen containing molecules that damage our cells and​ ​ DNA. ​
if ​ we don’t combat them, the​ make us age more quickly, they contribute to the​ development of​ blocked arteries and​ ​ the​ make us more susceptible to the​ diseases and​ ​ problems of​ aging.
So, it’s certain that we all need to consume a​ high level of​ antioxidants as​ part of​ our everyday diet. ​
But, of​ particular interest are the​ antioxidants in green tea. ​
Asian cultures consume a​ large amount of​ green tea, and​ ​ have espoused its healing properties for​ centuries. ​
And, it​ just so happens that they have a​ much lower incidence of​ cancer and​ ​ heart disease.
There are, of​ course, other differences between Asian culture and​ ​ ours. ​
Notably, we are far more likely to be overweight; and​ ​ research has shown us that obesity is​ a​ significant risk factor for​ many diseases including cancer and​ ​ heart disease. ​
However, one other interesting fact; Asian cultures, particularly Japanese men are far more likely to smoke than we are, yet they still have a​ much lower incidence of​ cancer and​ ​ heart disease.
So, green tea is​ of​ significant importance in our quest to live longer and​ ​ be healthier. ​
There are hundreds of​ studies that have shown that green tea is​ a​ good cancer preventative and​ ​ can increase the​ effectiveness of​ cancer treatments.
One important study is​ linked to skin cancer. ​
According to the​ American Cancer Society, skin cancer is​ the​ most common of​ all cancers. ​
Melanoma is​ the​ most deadly form of​ skin cancer. ​
While only 4% of​ skin cancer cases are melanoma, it​ causes more deaths than any other type of​ skin cancer.
The number of​ new cases of​ melanoma is​ on the​ rise in the​ US an estimated 62,000 Americans will be diagnosed in 2018, and​ ​ about 8000 people will die from melanoma in the​ US this year. ​
Nonmelanoma is​ extremely common. ​
it​ is​ estimated that about one million people develop nonmelanoma cancer each year; this is​ about the​ same number of​ people who contract all other types of​ cancer combined. ​
However, people rarely die from nonmelanoma only about 1000 each year in the​ US.
Since skin cancer is​ so prevalent in our country, it’s critical that we spend time and​ ​ money researching how we can treat this cancer. ​
of​ course, skin cancer is, in part, preventable. ​
So, as​ part of​ a​ healthy lifestyle we should be diligent about protecting ourselves from the​ sun, because this is​ the​ most important aspect of​ preventing both types of​ skin cancer.
To reduce your risk of​ skin cancer, be sure that you are always protected from the​ sun, even on cloudy days, and​ ​ even in the​ winter. ​
Cover as​ much of​ your body as​ possible with clothing, and​ ​ use sunscreen with an SPF of​ 15 or​ higher on any areas that you cannot cover. ​
Be sure to follow the​ directions on sunscreen closely; many people do not use enough sunscreen and​ ​ do not reapply it​ often enough.
As scientists are researching ways to prevent and​ ​ treat skin cancer, the​ results involving green tea are promising. ​
One particular study reported by the​ Alternative Medicine Review showed excellent results in skin cancer prevention and​ ​ treatment in mice with the​ use of​ green tea both applied topically and​ ​ given orally*.
In this study, mice were exposed to about seven different kinds of​ carcinogens, all of​ which are known to cause or​ contribute to skin cancer. ​
The mice were divided into groups. ​
Some of​ the​ groups were treated with green tea by substituting it​ for​ their drinking water. ​
Others were treated topically with green tea extract. ​
Some of​ the​ groups of​ mice were already suffering from skin cancer, as​ well.
The research was conducted so that mice undergoing exposure to each different carcinogen were treated with green tea in both forms. ​
For example, some of​ the​ mice being exposed to UVB rays were treated with only oral green tea, while others were treated with only topical green tea extract.
The research concluded that all of​ the​ mice benefited from the​ green tea treatment, whether it​ was given orally or​ applied topically. ​
In every group, the​ green tea was effective at ​ preventing skin cancer. ​
The study found that green tea applied topically seems to scavenge and​ ​ destroy skin cells that are likely to become cancerous before they can mutate.
The green tea, whether given orally or​ applied topically, slowed down the​ cancer growth in the​ mice that were already infected. ​
In addition, green tea given orally seemed to cause some regression of​ existing skin cancer.
Of course, these results are very promising. ​
if ​ this research is​ a​ good indicator of​ how green tea might work in humans, as​ well, then topically applied green tea may become the​ new trend in skin products. ​
In addition, these findings support other findings that conclude that drinking green tea is​ effective in preventing and​ ​ treating many forms of​ cancer.
The next step, of​ course, is​ to conduct human trials to see if​ ​ the​ same results prove true. ​
it​ certainly seems that we have enough information to suggest that green tea should be part of​ everyone’s diet for​ its ability to slow down aging and​ ​ prevent disease.
The most exciting news from this study is​ the​ idea that we might benefit dramatically from the​ simple step of​ applying a​ form of​ green tea to our skin. ​
Addition of​ green tea to our sunscreens, lotions and​ ​ moisturizers could have a​ dramatic effect on the​ number of​ skin cancer diagnosed each year. ​
And, even for​ those already diagnosed with skin cancer, green tea applied to the​ skin might prove to be an effective treatment to kill the​ cancer cells, or​ at ​ least slow down their progression.

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