Can Fat Turn Into Muscle Or Muscle Into Fat

Can muscle turn into fat or​ fat turn into muscle? How many time have you heard this hilarious fats and muscles myth?

Yes, this is​ one fats and muscles myth that will never go away. Get this straight. Fat will never turn into muscle and muscle will never turn into fat.

The reason is​ simple. Your body fats and muscles are made up of​ completely different cell structure and they are so different that they cannot be converted to​ each other. Your muscle is​ very much alive and work very hard whereas fat just sits there doing nothing and just plain looking ugly. How can they be the same or​ can be converted to​ each other?

How did this fitness myth come about then? Well, let me offer some suggestions.

When a​ fat person train with weights, he will build muscles and then for his muscle definition to​ show, he will have to​ lose fat. He will do cardio exercises and eat healthily to​ achieve a​ healthy fat loss. When that is​ accomplished, he will revealed a​ lean muscular body because he has already
packed on some muscle mass and have lost a​ substantial amount of​ body fat from his lose fats and build muscles program.

So when people see his new found lean muscular body and noticed that his body fat is​ now gone, some will comment that his fats has turned into muscles. Isn't that a​ nonsensical comment? Not just nonsensical, it​ is​ downright

Now, just say that this same guy has lost his motivation to​ train for whatever reasons and because he no longer wants to​ maintain his lean muscular body, he naturally will lay off exercises and start to​ eat unhealthily. Gradually, he will put on body fat because of​ his unhealthy diet and the fact that he no longer exercise to​ burn calories. Then as​ he put on more fat, the fat begins to​ cover up his muscles and his muscles are no longer noticeable.

Ahhhh....these same people who do not know the biology of​ muscle and fat will proclaim that his muscles has turned into body fat. Well, these chaps must be magicians or​ how else can muscle turn into fat or​ fat turn into muscle?

Why am I exposing this fat and muscle myth? Because it​ is​ funny? Well perhaps that too. But the main reason is​ that this fat and muscle myth has put alot of​ people away from exercising to​ build muscles and continue to​ indulge in​ unhealthy eating habits by proclaiming that there is​ no point building muscles because once they stop, they will get fat. Again, this is​ rubbish because most of​ them are fat to​ begin with anyway. it​ is​ just a​ lazy excuse not to​ exercise and eat healthily.

So if​ you have friends who tout this fat and muscle myth to​ you, send them this article. You may be doing them a​ great favor when they realised the truth and head for the gym to​ build some muscles and lose some body fat.

Then what about you? Are now convinced that muscle will never turn into fat and fat into muscle? if​ not, write to​ me and tell me why.

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