Can Eating Salmon Really Give You A Flawless Face

Can Eating Salmon Really Give You A Flawless Face

By Faye Spencer

For years doctors have been telling us that eating junk food doesn’t cause acne, and you probably know at​ least one person who eats candy and chocolate non-stop and still has lovely skin. But recently the medical establishment has begun to​ give serious consideration to​ how what we eat impacts our health, and our appearance.

One of​ the most prominent spokespeople for this cause is​ Dr. Nicholas Perricone, whose "Wrinkle Cure" system touts salmon as​ a​ skin-saving miracle food. What started as​ a​ fringe trend--eating fish to​ get a​ smoother face--has now blossomed into a​ popular diet plan, and millions of​ men and women have given it​ a​ go. Even Oprah has sung the praises of​ this pink-orange fish on her talk show. What’s the reason for the popularity of​ the so-called salmon diet? Simple: it​ works.

Why Salmon?

Salmon, along with tilapia, trout, herring and sardines, are rich in​ a​ substance called omega-3 fatty acids. Don’t balk at​ that term--these fats are terrific for you. in​ fact, they are crucial to​ the growth and functioning of​ our organs, and they supposedly help to​ diminish dangerous inflammation within the body. (It’s that inflammation that can trigger a​ host of​ conditions we’d rather avoid, like acne, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.) Among the different types of​ fish, salmon is​ one of​ the richest, chockfull of​ good-for-you fats and other healthful substances that keep your body functioning like a​ well-oiled machine.

Did you know that humans are not able to​ produce omega-3s? That’s why it’s so important that we obtain them from the foods we eat on a​ daily basis. When you eat plenty of​ salmon and stick to​ a​ healthy overall diet and lifestyle, you will begin to​ see dramatic changes in​ your skin’s appearance and texture. Your skin will become smoother, plumper and more moisture-rich. Blemishes will fade and you’ll regain the glow you may have had when you were a​ teenager. Your eyes will likely become brighter, your hair shinier and stronger, and even your mood cheerier!

How Much Should You Eat?

Make salmon (or other fatty fish) a​ regular part of​ your meal plan. Aim to​ have fish about 10 times per week, whether in​ the form of​ a​ morning omelet, a​ lunchtime salad, or​ a​ dinnertime fish filet. Top your whole wheat bagel with lox for a​ delicious and healthy "booster shot" for your skin. Grill salmon plain and top with a​ mango relish. There is​ virtually no limit to​ what you can do with this delicious and versatile ingredient!

Round out your nutritious lifestyle with plenty of​ leafy greens and antioxidant-rich fruits, such as​ berries. a​ handful of​ nuts is​ also a​ great addition to​ your daily diet plan. And don’t forget to​ keep the water bottle on hand--drinking plenty of​ water helps to​ flush the body of​ toxins and get your skin looking gorgeous.


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