Can America Survive A Nationwide Terrorist Attack

Can America Survive A Nationwide Terrorist Attack

What would happen if​ loyalists of​ Saddam Hussein bombed 12 major U.S. cities one week before the​ presidential election, thrusting the​ nation and​ the​ election into chaos?

Sound familiar? a​ similar scenario recently took place in​ Spain and​ could happen to​ other European and​ Asian countries that assisted America in​ the​ controversial war in​ Iraq and​ who have Americans living in​ or​ visiting them.

Many people, including political pundits, believe that more large-scale terrorism will come to​ American soil and​ the​ American people. the​ broadcast threat by Al-Zawahiri, leader of​ Al-Queda, that bomb after bomb will soon fall on America has the​ majority of​ U.S. citizens frantic with worry. Indeed, terrorism has become one of​ the​ world's greatest fears and​ concerns.

"New splinter terrorist groups are organizing everyday who want to​ kill Americans around the​ world, making our safety questionable for​ generations to​ come," said Bruce Schwartz, author of​ "The Twenty-First Century" (Park Avenue Press, ISBN # 0-9729076-0-2).

His new novel tells the​ story of​ America in​ the​ early years of​ the​ 21st century but was written in​ the​ 1990s, before the​ events of​ Sept. 11, 2001. Schwartz's book warns America about the​ potential for​ a​ nationwide terrorist attack.

His story details the​ destruction of​ 12 U.S. cities by Iraqi terrorists just days before a​ presidential election and​ results in​ America's second civil war. But Schwartz's version of​ civil war is​ not between regions; it​ is​ between classes and​ races.

"In the​ 1990s, hundreds of​ black churches were burned to​ the​ ground. Prejudice is​ rampant, even today, in​ America," Schwartz said.

The book's release during this presidential election year will provoke many controversial discussions on where our nation is​ headed when it​ comes to​ foreign policy, race relations, terrorism and​ politics. Schwartz portrays the​ near future as​ if​ it​ were the​ headlines of​ today's news.

Planned Television Arts, Schwartz's publicists, believe that right now is​ the​ perfect time to​ release this novel because his story could potentially become reality right before our eyes.

This chillingly prophetic novel has received rave reviews because it​ suggests what America must do to​ improve our society.

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