Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

One of​ the​ best trips you can go on is​ within your own country - camping. it​ does not matter if​ you have done it​ a​ million times before or​ if​ this is​ your first time. Having the​ right camping equipment is​ crucial to​ having a​ great trip in​ the​ wilderness. When you are preparing to​ go camping, it​ would be a​ smart idea to​ make a​ checklist of​ the​ necessary items you will need for​ your camp out. Being prepared is​ an​ important aspect of​ being far away from a​ major town or​ city.

1. Plan your packing

Packing is​ the​ first step to​ a​ great camping trip (well, besides planning). Once you are ready to​ start packing for​ your camping trip, make a​ list of​ the​ items that you want and​ need to​ bring with you. as​ you pack them, check them off to​ ensure that you are not forgetting anything. This is​ the​ best system for​ remembering everything before you leave your home.

2. Shelter and​ bedding

Shelter for​ camping and​ the​ bedding you will need for​ sleeping is​ very important to​ any camper. Make sure that you pack all your blankets and​ tents if​ you are planning an​ overnight trip. it​ is​ best to​ have some sort of​ shelter for​ sleeping to​ protect you from not only the​ weather, buy to​ also make you feel more secure. You need the​ blankets to​ keep you cozy and​ warm at​ night.

3. Personal effects

Make sure that you pack all of​ your personal hygiene items for​ you trip. Chances are you will not need makeup or​ hairspray. You will however need toilet paper, soap, shampoo, a​ hair brush and​ toothbrush. Bring along a​ few washcloths and​ towels to​ freshen up in​ the​ mornings.

4. Clothing

Make sure that you pack enough clothes for​ your camping trip. You will not be able to​ wash clothes so pack at​ least one outfit for​ everyday. You will need pants, warm shirts, warm socks, and​ underwear. Have some rain gear on hand too in​ case Mother Nature throws a​ shower or​ two at​ you.

5. Cooking gear for​ camping

You will need to​ be able to​ eat while you are in​ the​ woods. Make sure that you have your grill packed as​ well as​ a​ few other things. Bring along your cooking utensils, cutting board, paper plates, cups, silverware, aluminum foil, dish soap and​ wash clothes and​ towels. These are some of​ the​ important items that you will need in​ the​ woods. Do not forget the​ garbage bags to​ put your trash in​ while camping.

6. Survival Gear

Of the​ most important things to​ remember, be sure to​ bring along your cellular phone if​ you have one. This can save your life in​ the​ case of​ an​ emergency. Always remember to​ bring along a​ first aid kit, sharp outdoor knife, sunscreen and​ insect repellent. These are things that you use on a​ day-to-day basis and​ you will defiantly need in​ the​ woods. With the​ right gear, it​ is​ quite possible for​ you to​ survive for​ weeks or​ more without any supplies.

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