Camping Do You Have The Skills To Survive The Outdoors

Camping Do You Have The Skills To Survive The Outdoors

As our society becomes more and​ more technological, cold and​ urban, ever more people are starting to​ feel the​ urge to​ get away from it​ all, take a​ break from modern life and​ go back to​ the​ way things were for​ our ancestors. Perhaps this explains the​ rising popularity of​ camping holidays, the​ ultimate experience of​ going back to​ nature and​ living in​ the​ wild, with only a​ basic structure for​ shelter and​ a​ fire for​ cooking.

Of course, lots of​ people don’t exactly do it​ that way. Camper vans are popular, as​ is​ ‘car camping’, and​ all sorts of​ electrical appliances have been adapted for​ camping – there are even camp microwaves. Most people consider at​ least modern toilets and​ showers to​ be a​ campsite necessity, regardless of​ whether it’s really true to​ the​ spirit of​ the​ activity. Camping doesn’t really have to​ be an​ outdoors thing if​ you don’t want it​ to​ be, as​ many camper vans aren’t that much different to​ houses on wheels, and​ many families stay in​ them for​ a​ large part of​ their holiday. It’s all about doing what you feel comfortable with.

For hardcore campers, though, the​ truest form of​ camping is​ camping which teaches survival skills, such as​ eating-wild caught food, finding your way around by the​ position of​ the​ sun and​ making fire. You would have to​ be very hungry to​ eat the​ animals that can be found in​ the​ woods of​ most countries, however, and​ for​ this reason camping with facilities and​ packed food is​ far more popular.

Most campsites are in​ woods or​ open fields, and​ are often publically-owned – if​ you want to​ find one, they should be clearly marked on maps for​ walkers and​ on road signs for​ cars. It’s up to​ you what you take with you, but most people will prefer to​ have at​ least a​ tent, sleeping bags, torches, and​ either a​ tool for​ making firewood or​ portable oven where campfires aren’t allowed.

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