Call The Cops Thereæs A Criminal In My Computer!

Call The Cops Thereæs A Criminal In My Computer!

Call the​ Cops .​
There’s a​ Criminal in​ my Computer!
A common plot of​ Hollywood thrillers is​ the​ Don’t Answer the​ Phone device .​
In this kind of​ movie,​ the​ babysitter is​ aware that there is​ a​ maniac about to​ come to​ kill her or​ the​ children .​
the​ big moment comes when she gets a​ phone call from the​ police who say the​ calls are coming from inside the​ house! Pretty scary stuff.
But we​ have a​ modern day version of​ the​ maniac is​ inside the​ house .​
the​ maniacs are actually hiding in​ the​ house but not in​ the​ closet,​ not in​ the​ basement,​ not in​ the​ attic but in​ the​ computer! And it​ isn’t just happening to​ an​ occasional unfortunate victim .​
These kinds of​ crimes are happening to​ thousands of​ people every day,​ people like you and me .​
It’s called cyber crime and it’s an​ epidemic that law enforcement is​ putting all the​ skill and detective work they can muster to​ try to​ control.
When you hear a​ phrase like cyber crime,​ it​ makes you think of​ Arnold Schwarzenegger in​ the​ Terminator as​ a​ heartless android out to​ create chaos .​
But cyber criminals are far more elusive than Arnold .​
They could be any one in​ your neighborhood or​ halfway around the​ world .​
They don’t need a​ key to​ your back door or​ a​ tunnel under your house to​ get in​ .​
Cyber criminals can take up residence inside our computers and quietly commit crimes as​ we​ sit there enjoying our YouTube selections or​ having an​ IM chat with Aunt Edna.
The problem is​ not that our legal system has not done a​ good job of​ defining crimes committed using the​ internet as​ crimes .​
the​ legal community has all the​ laws on​ the​ books that they need to​ stop these criminals .​
the​ problem comes with finding the​ criminals and even know when a​ crime is​ being committed .​
But despite the​ elusive nature of​ cyber criminals,​ some of​ the​ kinds of​ crimes that can be committed directly over the​ internet are pretty scary including…
* Identity theft.
* Fraud.
* Embezzling hundreds,​ maybe thousands from your bank account.
* Hijacking an​ elderly person's Social Security checks.
* Cyber seduction of​ youth and even children.
* Unauthorized access to​ your financial information which they can sell to​ other cyber criminals.
* The downloading of​ computer viruses and other destructive software that can damage your computer.
* Cyber terrorism.
Amazingly,​ most of​ this kind of​ crime can be happening inside your computer without you ever knowing it​ is​ there .​
the​ key to​ success for cyber criminals are these little programs sometimes called spybots .​
a​ spybot is​ a​ tiny program that can take up residence in​ your computer by hiding in​ your internet system with cookies and other content that you download when you are surfing the​ web .​
These programs can then capture and record your keystrokes and send them back to​ the​ cyber crimanl who can capture your secure information from that data .​
Or they can watch your cyber surfing and learn where you go to​ help cyber criminals figure out better ways to​ commit their crimes.
Cyber crime is​ something we​ hope our law enforcement professionals will eventually learn how to​ stop .​
But because cyber criminals can be anywhere in​ the​ world,​ stay on​ the​ run and even change electronic locations of​ their headquarters without ever betraying their physical location or​ who they are,​ it’s a​ amazingly difficult job for our law informant professionals to​ learn how to​ find these criminals and to​ capture them and put them away.
We can help by being ever vigilant about our computers .​
There are programs we​ can install that can lock the​ front door of​ our computers .​
the​ two top names in​ this kind of​ software are Norton and McAfee but there are dozens more that can do the​ job just as​ well .​
the​ good news is​ that these programs can simultaneously watch our emails,​ monitor for spybots and keep our computer clean of​ viruses and other internet surprises that can cause so much damage.
So just as​ we​ work with neighborhood watch and put locks on​ our doors even though there are police in​ our neighborhoods,​ we​ have to​ view cyber crime as​ a​ problem that everybody has to​ work together to​ stop .​
By making sure your computer is​ protected,​ you take one more victim out of​ the​ cycle .​
And that helps everybody in​ our quest for a​ safer internet.

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