California Tan Tanning Lotion A Safe Tanning Solution

California Tan Tanning Lotion A Safe Tanning Solution

California Tan Tanning Lotion a​ Safe Tanning Solution
Tan skin is​ a​ fad that is​ turning into a​ lifestyle for​ some people. However the​ raging craving for​ tanned skin has also increase the​ cases of​ people suffering from skin cancer. There are various ways on how one can achieved a​ tan. the​ most common and​ the​ least expensive is​ good old sunbathing but even this can prove to​ be very harmful for​ the​ skin since it​ entails direct exposure to​ harmful UV rays.
Artificial tanning machines such as​ tanning beds, sunlamps and​ others are equally harmful due to​ the​ UVA and​ UVB rays that they emit. These too can increase the​ risk of​ skin cancer.
Fortunately, people are becoming aware of​ the​ harmful effects that UV rays can do their skin and​ has searched for​ sunless or​ UVfree tanning products that can give them the​ same tanning effect without the​ risk of​ having a​ cancer.
There are various tanning products and​ machines available in​ the​ market that makes use of​ sunless tanning technology such as​ tanning booths, tanning lotions and​ other tanning products. California Tan is​ known for​ its safe, sunless tanning products. and​ one of​ the​ wellknown products of​ California tan is​ its line of​ tan tanning lotion.
California Tan Tanning Lotion
Although sunless tanning is​ now very popular but still there are some individuals who frown on the​ ability of​ sunless tanning products to​ provide a​ natural tan look. Tanning technology has advanced immensely that at​ present even tanning lotion can provide a​ natural looking tan.
And thats exactly what California tan tanning lotion is​ all about. it​ makes use of​ advance sunless tanning technology that does not only help tanned skin but at​ the​ same time moisturized skin to​ provide a​ more lasting tan.
You see a​ healthy skin is​ very important in​ obtaining a​ beautiful tan. Aside from that tanning products hold better on moisturized skin rather on dry skin. Applying lotion on the​ skin is​ one of​ the​ easiest and​ proven ways of​ moisturizing the​ skin. it​ is​ highly recommended by tanning experts to​ moisturize skin before rendering your skin to​ tanning products.
How does the​ California Tan Tanning Lotion Works?
California Tan Tanning Lotion aside from being a​ moisturizer is​ basically a​ tanning lotion. it​ works by temporarily dyeing the​ top layer of​ the​ skin turning it​ to​ the​ tan color that you want.
And the​ best thing about California Tan Tanning Lotion is​ that unlike any other tanning product it​ can provide you with a​ weeklong tan. Plus if​ want for​ your tan to​ last much longer all you have to​ do is​ to​ simply reapply California Tan Lotion and​ viola!instant tan that will last for​ more days.
California Tan Tanning Lotion is​ a​ perfectly safe product that does not damaged the​ skin. Its moisturizing ingredients will leave your skin smooth and​ tanned at​ the​ same time. No other product can provide you with such wonderful combination.
Applying California Tan Tanning Lotion
California Tan Tanning Lotion is​ not your usual type of​ lotion so in​ order to​ achieve its utmost effect you have to​ follow some regimen such as
• Before applying the​ tanning lotion make sure to​ exfoliate which means that you have to​ remove the​ dead skin. Use a​ loofah to​ scrub off the​ dead skin.
• When applying tanning lotion on your skin give extra attention to​ your feet, elbows, ankles, knees and​ tan lines since these are the​ parts where uneven application is​ often very visible.
• It is​ also advisable to​ wipe off any excess tanning lotion to​ even out your application.
• Remember to​ wash your hands after applying the​ tanning lotion.

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