Cake Decorating Supplies A Complete Review

Cake Decorating Supplies A Complete Review

Cake Decorating Supplies - a​ Complete Review.
I remember my first experience to​ really good (handy) cake decorating supplies was when I​ was a​ kid and at​ that time used to​ enjoy watching my grandmother baking and decorating .​
My grandmother would bake as​ well as​ cool a​ set of​ cakes, ice the layers and the cake in​ completion, subsequently – it​ was time for the greatest delight for me – when she would reach out to​ a​ special cabinet and take out cake decorating supplies in​ a​ package that looked like a​ gift box: the cake decorating supplies were kept stored in​ parts, each part fitting into its own cardboard cutout form .​
One by one Gram would slowly pull out the metal barrel, the plunger, the washer, and one or​ more of​ the tips…these tips were used to​ make leaves, or​ flowers, or​ perhaps to​ do tubing, to​ set stars.
Gram would put together the pieces and spoon one color frosting at​ a​ time into the cool metal tube, screw back on the plunger, and begin to​ work on decorating, which at​ times would take hours that were probably arduous, despite the fact that she never expressed a​ single complaint and neither did I​ move, fascinated as​ I​ was by the process, till she was done completely .​
Years later, when I​ had my own home, my grandmother had sent me a​ set of​ cake decorating supplies that were similar to​ her set .​
At times I​ practiced, and found these decorators to​ be incredible things of​ beauty - in​ form and function (and durability).
Though at​ some point later, I​ lost or​ loaned and never got back my cake decorating supplies, and changed them with the ultra-professional frosting bags and decorating tips, which were just as​ lovely (though if​ you have hot hands, the canvas bags transfer the heat—faster than it​ would with the metal set--to the frosting and it​ will puddle, so hold the bag by the top where you have twisted or​ folded it).
Last Christmas, I​ wanted to​ give a​ friend who had just gotten into gourmet baking a​ set of​ those cake decorating supplies of​ yore .​
Since I​ didn’t find the time to​ go online, I​ found, rather stupidly, a​ discounted cake decorator at​ a​ local department store .​
Actually the thing doesn’t stay closed (at the plunger and cap), and it​ is​ plastic and stays greasy after washing .​
Ugh .​
Despite the fact twenty years ago I​ would have had an​ excuse, however today, I​ should know better…and use a​ site like eBay, where we not only find cake decorating supplies but those of​ the quality of​ the originals: a​ good tip is​ to​ either look for the brand name Wilton or​ use keywords like vintage or​ original or​ aluminum…for the kind of​ cake-decorating supplies Gram had.

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