Cable Tv And Satellite Tv Is It Right For Me

Cable Tv And Satellite Tv Is It Right For Me

Cable TV and​ Satellite TV: is​ It Right for​ Me?
While some people continue to​ watch only broadcast television, the​ majority of​ Americans have cable TV or​ satellite TV at​ their houses .​
Why the​ need for​ cable or​ satellite?
Expanded Programming
The most frequent reason for​ cable TV and​ satellite TV is​ the​ expanded programming .​
Television is​ no longer just the​ major broadcast networks .​
So much of​ what is​ on television today is​ only offered on cable or​ satellite tv .​
Both cable TV and​ satellite TV offer basic packages that include local channels .​
Networks such as​ ESPN, Comedy Central, the​ Food Network, and​ the​ Discovery Channel are usually included in​ these basic packages .​
Expanded news networks, like MSNBC, CNN, and​ CSPAN, are also generally included .​
For a​ few more dollars, your programming options can increase dramatically .​
Sports packages, where you can get local sports networks from across the​ country are very popular .​
Also popular are packages that feature networks for​ children, such as​ Sprout and​ PBS Kids .​
Of course, there are the​ premium networks, such as​ HBO, Showtime, and​ Cinemax, which have gone beyond just playing recently released movies, and​ now feature some of​ the​ most critically acclaimed programs on television.
Beyond Television
Most cable TV and​ satellite TV providers go beyond television programming .​
Many packages also include digital music channels, which are a​ huge perk for​ subscribers .​
For example, DirecTV customers have access to​ XM Satellite radio channels .​
Other cable TV and​ satellite TV providers have similar programs .​
Some companies also have the​ option to​ subscribe to​ high-speed internet along with your television package .​
These packages can offer much faster speeds than dial-up access, and​ are often discounted when bundled with a​ television programming package.
Things to​ Look For
Of course, before you decide to​ subscribe to​ cable TV or​ satellite TV, there are several things you should look for​ .​
The first is​ cost; be sure to​ compare costs of​ various packages .​
Sometimes companies bundle together channels that you really want, and​ the​ package is​ worth the​ money .​
Other times an​ upgraded package may have no additional channels that you really want or​ need .​
Also look at​ cost of​ set-up, installation, and​ equipment .​
These added costs can significantly effect the​ overall cost of​ your subscription .​
Next, look at​ programming .​
Some channels and​ packages are only available through certain providers .​
For example, the​ NFL Sunday Ticket package (which airs all of​ the​ NFL football games each week) is​ only available on DirectTV .​
Finally, ask around about the​ customer service from various companies .​
For many, it​ is​ worthwhile to​ pay a​ little bit more for​ better customer service.

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