Cabinetry Is Not Just For The Kitchen Anymore

Cabinetry Is Not Just For The Kitchen Anymore

The days of​ cabinetry only being used in​ kitchens and bathrooms are over. Today's cabinetry is​ extremely versatile and meets a​ room's specialized needs.

According to​ Paul Radoy, Merillat cabinetry, design services manager, a​ growing trend in​ today's homes is​ the multipurpose room, which can be used for anything from hobbies to​ everyday activities.

In a​ multipurpose room, cabinetry provides homeowners with functionality, yet has the ability to​ blend in​ with the décor of​ the rest of​ the home.

"The cabinetry in​ the multipurpose room can match the cabinetry and wood in​ the rest of​ the home to​ keep a​ consistent and connected look throughout," said Radoy.

Lifestyle Uses

The multipurpose room can be used for a​ variety of​ hobbies. Areas are built into the room, which can be used for crafts, sewing, scrapbooking or​ even tying fishing flies.

Homeowners can also use part of​ the room as​ a​ home office and homework area for kids.

Organizational Uses

"Organizational options make the space work smarter for personal activities," said Radoy. "Including cubbies, wrapping paper holders and a​ pullout trash bin can keep items neatly tucked away."

The use of​ the cabinetry can provide a​ great deal of​ storage to​ accommodate all of​ the homeowner's needs.

"Homeowners might also want to​ consider the addition of​ an​ island on wheels in​ order to​ have additional storage and have a​ moveable work space," said Radoy.

Everyday Uses

The multipurpose room is​ equipped with an​ ironing board pullout, washer and dryer, and clothes rods.

"Homeowners can work out, do laundry and help the kids with homework all in​ the same place," said Radoy. "The room really serves a​ variety of​ purposes."

A multipurpose room can accommodate all these activities and hobbies while providing extra storage. "Homebuyers should consider this type of​ space when shopping for a​ new home as​ well as​ homeowners who are considering remodeling," said Radoy. "The multipurpose room is​ an​ example of​ how high traffic and function can co-exist with high style."

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