Cabinet Refacing Offers A Quick Pick Me Up For Your Kitchen

Cabinet Refacing Offers A Quick Pick Me Up For Your Kitchen

Kitchens are one of​ the most popular rooms in​ the home and probably the number one room where remodeling can add tremendous value to​ your property. House flippers will focus a​ large portion of​ their budget on the kitchen as​ it​ is​ the biggest draw for house shoppers. What if​ your kitchen is​ in​ need of​ a​ face lift but you don’t have the major budget of​ a​ seasoned house flipper? You can benefit from a​ strong first impression by simply refacing your kitchen cabinets.

Essentially this requires a​ redo of​ the front faces of​ the cabinets and the hardware. This includes the doors, drawer fronts, cabinet handles and the cabinet body fronts.

One of​ the most common methods (and probably the cheapest) is​ to​ repaint all cabinet surfaces and doors. This doesn’t have to​ be a​ time consuming process, usually you can accomplish the entire job in​ 2 or​ 3 days. it​ does make a​ bit of​ a​ mess so it’s advised that you do all the door and drawer painting outside or​ in​ a​ well ventilated area of​ your home. For the cabinet body fronts you’ll paint them where they stand so put up plastic sheeting over the doorways to​ prevent excess paint and fumes from leaking into other rooms of​ your house.

The other most popular method is​ to​ simply replace all the doors, drawers and hardware while leaving the cabinet bodies in​ place and either painting or​ refinishing those. This method allows you the fun and freedom of​ shopping for new cabinet doors but also saving hundreds or​ thousands of​ dollars over the price of​ entirely new cabinets.

Cabinet refacing also allows you a​ lot of​ creative freedom. Crafty individuals will often cut out the middle section of​ cabinet doors and replace them with all sorts of​ materials including punched copper, shiny objects between panes of​ glass, or​ even dried food materials in​ colorful arrangements. Simply using glass insets will provide a​ more open space visually, but be sure you’re on the neat side as​ visitors will see the entire contents of​ your cabinets!

Before starting your cabinet refacing project check out various kitchen remodeling photos on the internet and in​ your local home improvement stores. They will have hundreds of​ great ideas to​ suit any budget. Most of​ all, have fun and enjoy the pick-me-up!

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