Buying Your Internet Products At A Major Discount

Buying Your Internet Products At A Major Discount

Making an​ income online has been a​ goal of​ mine for​ years.

My biggest desire is​ to​ retire on​ a​ sailing ship in​ the​ Mediterranean and​ each week on​ a​ Monday when I go out on​ deck, I would reach for​ my mobile phone and​ call my old boss and​ check on​ the​ weather back in​ Britain.

Or maybe I would wait until the​ sun was over the​ yard arm and​ call him so say “Hey do you​ recognize this sound?” holding the​ phone over the​ side of​ the​ guard rail… “That’s the​ sound of​ the​ Mediterranean sun kissed sea lapping against my yacht, while this” popping the​ top off my chilled bottle of​ Grolsch, “is the​ sound of​ my chilled beer helping to​ keep me cool…. How’s work by the​ way?”

That day is​ getting closer, but it​ could have been here by now if​ only I hadn’t been so pig headed.

You see, I thought I knew best. I believed that if​ I build it​ they would come. Worse still, I believed I knew what people wanted.

How dumb was I?

As it​ turns out, not that dumb. you​ see, I was willing to​ admit I had been wrong, I was willing to​ look for​ a​ better solution and​ then I was willing to​ pay for​ it.

It’s never too late to​ start again. With that in​ mind, I started looking for​ solutions. These solutions had to​ meet certain criteria.

1. Be able to​ get high quality products at​ a​ discounted price.
2. Be able to​ offer services to​ absolute beginners and​ experts alike.
3. Be affordable.
4. Have clear instructions and/or training.
5. Offer solutions that people outside of​ marketing would desire.

That seems like a​ tall order, but I believed I could find a​ solution, if​ I didn’t then I would create one.

What really surprised me when I looked was that the​ solutions were there right in​ front of​ me and​ what surprised me more was that I had seen these solutions and​ ignored them because I had seen them so often before!

How dumb is​ that? if​ you​ keep seeing the​ same product being offered month after month, year after year, then it​ probably works. Why? Because nobody is​ going to​ spend good money advertising a​ lemon are they? of​ course not.

Here’s one of​ the​ solutions I found and​ what it​ has to​ offer, remember the​ list above?

1. High quality products with resale rights and​ sometimes, master resale rights. New products added monthly and​ I could request a​ product as​ well.
2. This is​ a​ zero experience solution see 4 below.
3. the​ cost is​ about the​ same as​ a​ large pizza and​ coke.
4. Each section of​ the​ member’s area has clear instructions that anyone can follow.
5. There are products that are of​ interest to​ Internet marketers and​ non-marketers alike.

Looks like a​ winner! it​ is, believe me, it​ is.

I have seen the​ website for​ this site so many times that after reading it​ years ago, and dismissing it​ because I though I knew better, I only read it​ again this year.

Having read it​ again and​ again, I looked at​ the​ price and​ got my payment card out right away. I haven’t looked back since. I now have the​ new version of​ the​ site on​ a​ new domain.

One of​ the​ first things I did was read a​ course called “Online Advertising for​ the​ Completely Clueless!".

I’ve been running my online business for​ about four or​ five years. I didn’t think I was clueless, BUT all I could do was nod my head and​ scribble notes.

I was so impressed that I now offer this course for​ free to​ anyone who wants it. It’s big, really big, so are the​ results you​ can get by following the​ course and​ acting on​ the​ advice.

So by now you​ are saying tell me where I can get my hands on​ all this information, right?

OK. Just visit and​ don’t make the​ mistake I did.

If you​ are unsure when you​ visit the​ site, take a​ good look at​ what’s on​ offer, sign up for​ the​ course at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ page then when you​ are done just 5 days from now, go back to​ the​ site and​ look again.

My yacht is​ becoming a​ reality at​ last.

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