Buying A Wheelchair Lift

Buying A Wheelchair Lift

Buying a​ wheelchair lift can be a​ daunting task, especially if​ you are newly disabled or​ are purchasing a​ wheelchair lift for a​ loved one. There are many types of​ devices that are referred to​ as​ wheelchair lifts but most fall into two broad categories; vertical platform lifts or​ vehicle lifts.

The most elaborate and expensive type of​ wheelchair lift is​ the vertical platform lift. You may have seen this type of​ wheelchair lift at​ a​ commercial building or​ government office. This type of​ lift allows the wheelchair user to​ roll on to​ a​ platform and activate a​ lift mechanism by using controls mounted on the frame. a​ vertical lift can cost several thousand dollars and requires an​ expert to​ install. Additional inspections fees may also be associated with the installation of​ one of​ these lifts, depending on local codes and ordinances.

If you are planning on buying a​ vertical lift, be sure to​ verify the building codes in​ your area before laying down the cash. it​ would also be a​ good idea to​ bring in​ a​ private contractor to​ verify that you will be able to​ safely install the wheelchair lift on your existing structure while still complying with local codes.

Another type of​ wheelchair lift is​ the vehicle lift. There are literally hundreds of​ variations of​ the vehicle lift. Some types are only for vans with side entry. Other types utilize a​ boom to​ lift the chair into the rear cargo area of​ a​ smaller mini-van or​ SUV. The type that you require will depend on not only your needs, but on the type of​ vehicle that you own.

Most vehicle lifts sold today are of​ the smaller variety that is​ primarily used for lifting power wheelchairs or​ mobility scooters into the trunk of​ a​ car or​ the rear of​ an​ SUV. These lifts use a​ boom or​ swing-arm to​ lift the device up and over for easy loading. Then boom itself can be motorized or​ manually operated and will require a​ special docking device designed to​ couple with the specific type or​ brand of​ power wheelchair or​ scooter that you are using.

Now that you have a​ clear understanding of​ the types of​ wheelchair lifts on the market you can now begin searching for a​ distributor that will be able to​ meet your needs. More and more consumers are finding that, even with large items such as​ wheelchair lifts, shopping on line can safe you hundreds of​ dollars. Often the installation or​ measurement can also be included, since many on line resellers have nationwide networks of​ installers.

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