Buying A Used Wheelchair Lift Is It Safe

Buying A Used Wheelchair Lift Is It Safe

Buying a​ lift for your wheelchair, whether it​ be for your home or​ your vehicle, is​ an​ important decision. The most important aspect of​ purchasing a​ wheelchair lift is​ safety. While there are many styles and models available, there are also many pricing ranges. Among the least expensive of​ all wheelchair lifts are used lifts that are being sold, either because the current owner has upgraded to​ another model, or​ simply because they do not need the lift any longer.

Used items are very popular, but when choosing a​ wheelchair lift, a​ used model may not always be the safest and best.
Consider first that with a​ used wheelchair lift you are not getting a​ warranty. Most manufacturers offer warranties of​ up to​ five years on new models, and with a​ used model, you will not have the assurance of​ a​ warranty to​ help you in​ case the lift stops working properly. Replacing parts on a​ wheelchair lift can be very expensive. in​ fact, if​ you are forced to​ replace an​ electronic motor, you will probably find that a​ new lift is​ even less expensive than the motor replacement itself. Purchasing parts are not the only expense that you may face if​ you opt to​ buy a​ used wheelchair lift. Considering that most people do not know how to​ repair wheelchair lifts, then you will probably need a​ repair person to​ install the new part. These fees alone can be outrageous. With the purchase price of​ the new part, and the fees to​ have someone install it​ for you, you will likely be better off, and save money, but purchasing a​ new lift to​ begin with.

Money is​ only one aspect of​ the problems that you may have with a​ used wheelchair lift. Safety should always be your number one concern when deciding on a​ lift. if​ you choose a​ lift that is​ used, then you have no way to​ determine how safe the mechanism is. if​ the motor stops working while the lift is​ halfway to​ its destination spot, then you, or​ your loved one, are stuck on the lift. You run the risk of​ falling off while you are working to​ get the lift moving again. There are many things to​ consider when purchasing a​ used wheelchair lift. Safety and money just happen to​ be the two most important aspects of​ the decision.

If you are purchasing a​ wheelchair lift for a​ family member or​ loved one, or​ even for yourself, you should consider that this is​ not one of​ those things where you would be better off with the least expensive version. You can find inexpensive models that are new, but choosing a​ used lift has many problems in​ itself. to​ ensure your safety, or​ the safety of​ your loved one, consider the purchase decision again, and weight the pros and cons of​ a​ new lift versus a​ used one. Chances are you will see that a​ new lift is​ not that much more expensive, and the fact of​ knowing that you and your loved one are safe should make up the monetary difference.

Buying A Used Wheelchair Lift Is It Safe

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