Buying A Used Tanning Bed

Buying A Used Tanning Bed

Buying a​ used tanning bed would be like buying any other product or​ appliance that has been used before, such as​ a​ used car or​ a​ used stair lift. One definite advantage is​ obviously the​ lesser cost of​ the​ used item. But there are pitfalls whenever you chose to​ purchase a​ second hand product. for​ example, when you buy a​ used stair lift, you may discover that the​ lift mechanism creates a​ disturbing and​ ominous sound. and​ when you buy a​ used car, you may find out that there are parts that you need to​ replace. Thus, when you buy a​ second hand tanning bed, what would you end up with?

To avoid unprecedented problems, you must buy second hand tanning beds the​ way you would buy a​ used car. You must know the​ model, the​ year it​ was manufactured, and​ the​ features. Though tanning beds are fairly recent technological products, the​ older models are considered less safe than the​ new ones. This is​ because some of​ the​ lamps in​ older models of​ tanning beds emit the​ type a​ ultraviolet radiation (UV-A). This type of​ radiation has been known to​ cause skin cancer and​ other similar diseases. Thus, the​ new models have lamps that produce only type B ultraviolet radiation (UV-B). This type of​ radiation is​ not entirely safe, but it​ is​ not the​ primary cause of​ skin cancer.

Check the​ features of​ the​ used tanning bed. Do these still work properly? a​ malfunctioning feature is​ not a​ good sign. You may ask a​ specific question, such as​ “Can the​ lamps and​ acrylic sheets be removed and​ changed easily?” if​ the​ owner confesses that he’s selling the​ tanning bed because the​ bulb is​ difficult to​ replace, then start making a​ graceful exit. That could mean UV ray health risk.

Another thing that you should find out is​ the​ reason why the​ tanning bed is​ being sold by its owner. if​ the​ reason is​ a​ timer that has stopped working, or​ a​ bulb that does not turn on, move on and​ consider another tanning bed. if​ the​ reason is​ that the​ owner is​ bankrupt or​ moving to​ another country, then the​ tanning bed could be working fine. Now all you need to​ see is​ the​ warranty.

Companies that sell tanning beds offer two kinds of​ warranty. the​ first is​ for​ a​ limited amount of​ time (about a​ year), but it​ has greater coverage. the​ second is​ a​ limited warranty, but it​ is​ for​ a​ lifetime. This means that a​ tanning bed would always have a​ warranty, even if​ it​ is​ already used. if​ the​ owner tells you that the​ warranty for​ the​ tanning bed has expired, the​ product is​ most probably defective.

Some users of​ tanning beds claim that the​ price of​ new tanning beds is​ not much higher than that of​ second hand ones. the​ price depends on the​ brand and​ model.

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