Buying A Used Pool Table

Buying A Used Pool Table

Used pool tables are frequently available. Keep an​ eye on your local classified section for moving sales, yard sales, estate sales, and so on. You’re sure to​ run across something eventually.

When shopping for used pool tables, ask all the same questions you would if​ you were buying a​ new pool table. What size is​ it: 7, 8, or​ 9 feet? What are the body, bed, and cloth made out of?

If the body is​ made out of​ more than one piece of​ solid wood or​ other material, check the connections for wear and tear. How sturdy is​ the table? Crawl underneath the table and have a​ look, as​ if​ you were a​ car mechanic. Stand next to​ the table and give a​ shake or​ two, back and forth, and side to​ side. Bring a​ carpentry level with you. Set the table on even ground (as gauged with the level) and test the bed with the level. Shoot a​ couple of​ games of​ pool on it. How does the action feel? is​ the ball trajectory hampered by inconstancies in​ the felt, either on the surface or​ in​ the cushions? How well preserved are the cushions? Do they have any tender spots? Are they sagging anywhere?

Furthermore, ask whether the bed comprised of​ one solid sheet of​ slate, or​ divided into three sections that can crease the playing surface along two lines? You can test this yourself but running a​ hand over the felt where the table is​ divided crosswise into three sections. if​ you feel a​ bump, perhaps this used pool table is​ not right for you.

A good used pool table is​ a​ great find that can save you hundreds if​ not thousands of​ dollars.

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