Buying A Used Motor Boat

Buying A Used Motor Boat

There are always thousands of​ motor boats for sale in​ the UK so it​ can be difficult finding the right one. The best place to​ start is​ deciding what you are looking for in​ a​ motor boat. Do you want an​ ocean going boat? a​ yacht? a​ small motorboat? And then within the type of​ boats there are different makes of​ such as​ the Sunseeker, Princess, Beneteau, Riva, Pearl, Sealine etc. it​ is​ vitally important you choose the right boat and decide on a​ specific boat or​ at​ least a​ few to​ narrow your search and gain knowledge of​ what you are looking for. There are so many options and you need to​ research your needs and budget first. Buying a​ boat can be very expensive and then there’s maintaining a​ boat; this can be even more expensive. Check into berthing costs, fuel costs and other additional costs that will not be figured into the actual purchase price to​ make sure it​ is​ an​ affordable option.

Next is​ the fun part, start shopping around. Once you decide on the type of​ boat you want, start doing some in-depth research on the motorboat – the different options such as​ different styles and features, length, conditions, age, interior options, cabin sizes, bathrooms, Engine size and make. Get on the internet and check prices or​ all the boats you are interested in. Look at​ all sources from magazines to​ internet sites to​ get an​ idea of​ what motorboats are selling for. Talk to​ marina managers and harbour masters. They are likely to​ know if​ any boats are for sale in​ their areas and about the prices you will be looking at.

Once you have found a​ boat you want to​ purchase, negotiate the purchase like you would a​ car. Walk away once, check into insurance, and give it​ a​ thorough inspection, if​ need be take a​ mechanic with you and check out the engine and condition of​ the parts. When you buy a​ motorboat, you have to​ check the hull integrity, condition of​ the motor, accessories, and dozens of​ other criteria. Know what you are looking for, especially if​ you are buying a​ used boat. Perhaps write a​ checklist of​ things you should check out beforehand.

Make sure that when you put in​ an​ offer you indicate that it​ is​ subject to​ a​ Marine Survey and if​ necessary, a​ sea trial and make sure you have a​ valid and recognized contract. The BMF and RYA provide standard contracts which should be used.

Once you have paid for the motorboat you need to​ register it​ is​ not a​ legal requirement to​ register your boat if​ you if​ kept and used in​ UK waters. For overseas use it​ must be registered. it​ must also be registered if​ its company owned or​ subject to​ a​ mortgage.

Although there are hundreds of​ motor boats for sale in​ the UK and it’s easy to​ buy one, it​ is​ very important you protect yourself and do it​ properly by doing your research.

Buying A Used Motor Boat

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