Buying A Used Atv

Buying a​ Used ATV
Not all of​ us can afford a​ brand new 2018 ATV with all the bells and whistles .​
As with cars or​ motorcycles or​ any large vehicle for recreation or​ pleasure, we sometimes have to​ start out with buying second hand .​
Of course there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a​ used car, bike or​ ATV .​
If you are going to​ buy used, you have to​ know what to​ look for, especially with a​ vehicle such as​ an​ ATV where you know that there is​ a​ chance the previous owner might have given the ATV some serious abuse on the trails .​
Before you begin to​ cruise the classifieds you have a​ couple of​ decisions to​ make .​
Who is​ the ATV for? An ATV for an​ adult is​ made differently than one made for a​ child .​
Do you want the ATV for purely recreational purposes? Do you want to​ race or​ just enjoy some leisurely off-roading with your family? Do you want to​ use the ATV as​ a​ utility vehicle?
The best place to​ start if​ you have never purchased an​ ATV before would be at​ a​ local dealership .​
You may not be able to​ afford one off the showroom floor, but you can still go look and pick the dealer’s brain for information .​
At the dealership you can ‘test’ the different classes of​ ATVs .​
Sit on a​ few to​ see how they fit, each ATV will be different and you might find that some are more comfortable than others .​
Even though you are trying newer models, there really won’t be too much of​ a​ difference between them and the older versions .​
After getting all the information you can from the dealership, you will have some idea of​ what make and model you will be looking for in​ a​ used ATV .​
While you’re at​ the dealership also check to​ see if​ they have a​ bulletin board for other ATV resources .​
Sometimes if​ you contact a​ club or​ other organization they may be able to​ put you in​ touch with people who have ATV’s to​ sell .​
Classified ads and specialized classified magazines like you see for cars or​ motorcycles will also be a​ valuable resource .​
And of​ course the number one source for finding used vehicles is​ the internet .​
Places like eBay will no doubt have a​ lot to​ offer, the only problem with that is, unless the seller is​ in​ your area, you have no way to​ view the ATV up close.
When you find the ATV you want to​ purchase, definitely go to​ check it​ out personally .​
When you see the ATV for the first time, make note of​ the condition of​ the plastic on the fenders .​
The overall outward appearance of​ the ATV will give you a​ pretty good clue as​ to​ how hard the previous owner treated the vehicle .​
If the fenders or​ other plastic parts are cracked and ruined you can bet that you’re going to​ have to​ replace them and replacement parts and accessories are expensive .​
You have to​ decide how much you are willing to​ invest in​ refurbishing the ATV if​ parts do need replacing .​
Check the condition of​ the seat for any rips or​ tears .​
Again, a​ ripped seat isn’t a​ big deal and is​ totally replaceable, but do you want to​ spend the extra money to​ do that?
The next part of​ the inspection will take some work .​
You will want to​ lift the front end of​ the ATV up to​ inspect the undercarriage .​
With the ATV lifted, closely inspect the frame for any damage .​
Make sure there are no cracks or​ dents in​ the frame or​ any of​ the connecting welds Note any areas that might have rust and check them for cracks too .​
Check the handlebars for any loose play and do the same to​ each wheel .​
Loose wheels could indicate worn wheel bearings or​ damaged ball joints .​
Oil, breaks and the air filter and air box should also be checked .​
Ask the owner if​ they have any records regarding oil changes and maintenance .​
Some owners might have an​ owner’s manual that they can pass on to​ you .​
Take the ATV for a​ test drive too if​ you can to​ see how it​ handles.
Lastly, if​ a​ title is​ required in​ your state ask the owner if​ they have the title and if​ it​ is​ clear .​
Most states require a​ bill of​ sale with the VIN (vehicle identification number) on it .​
Whether your state requires a​ bill of​ sale or​ not, it​ is​ always a​ good idea to​ have one to​ protect both you and the former owner incase a​ dispute crops up .​
Be aware that in​ most cases you are buying the ATV as​ is, which means the previous owner is​ not responsible for any problems you might find with the vehicle after you have purchased it​ and brought it​ home .​

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