Buying Tips For Bath Toys

Buying Tips For Bath Toys

We’ve seen how Ernie loves his rubber duckie. And just like him, you want your kid to​ have a​ bath toy that he will enjoy taking his bath with. You go to​ the toy store in​ search of​ the perfect bath toy for your kid but found yourself in​ the middle of​ too many choices which leaves you puzzled and wondering which ones to​ get for your kid.

Bath Toys just like any normal toy requires careful thought and consideration from the parents before purchase. Follow these tips and you won’t have a​ hard time making your selection.

Tip No. 1: Durability. Look for bath toys that that are made of​ durable materials that will not easily wear out even though frequently thrown around or​ squeezed so hard.

Tip No. 2: Safety. Opt for bath toys that are made of​ cloth, rubber, or​ soft materials that will not hurt your kid in​ case he accidentally hits himself with it. Check to​ make sure that a​ toy does not have sharp or​ pointy edges, small parts that can easily fit your kid’s mouth or​ parts that can come off loose like little sewn buttons. Also make sure that it​ does not have any part that can rust since bath toys are always submerged in​ the water.

Tip No. 3: Educational Value. Choose toys that are not only fun to​ play with but also stimulate your kid’s mind. Give him a​ bath puppet to​ encourage imaginative pretend plays and positive interaction or​ give him a​ multi-colored wash glove to​ improve his visual perception and color discrimination. Always remember that every single minute of​ your child’s day holds a​ possibility for learning and mind enriching activities, this includes bath time.

Tip No. 4: Holds your kid’s interest. of​ course, a​ bath toy that will hold your kid’s attention only for a​ few seconds is​ obviously not a​ good buy. Select toys that are fun for your kid to​ play with and that have features or​ activities that will captivate your kid’s attention for the whole duration of​ the bath and even for the days to​ come. it​ is​ also smart to​ alternate different sets of​ bath toys everyday so that your kid is​ not easily bored with them.

Tip No. 5: Budget. Don’t go for toys that will hurt your pockets or​ those extremely cheap ones that seem too good to​ be true but are in​ reality just poorly constructed. Go for toys that come in​ reasonable and affordable prices but are guaranteed to​ be made of​ the highest standards of​ safety and quality to​ ensure that you only get the best for your child.

Even though the wide selection of​ bath toys may make it​ hard for you to​ make your choice, with these simple tips, the right kinds of​ bath toys are not hard to​ find.

If you’re kid is​ terrified of​ tubby time, it’s not a​ cause for worry. Babies normally undergo a​ stage where they are scared of​ water and although it​ usually passes on its own, there are certain ways you can do to​ help alleviate your baby’s fear of​ bath.

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