Buying A Snow Blower Here Are A Few Tips To Remember

Buying A Snow Blower Here Are A Few Tips To Remember

Some people love snow and welcome its arrival, while others wince at​ the back pain they have to​ look forward to. Its not surprising that these 2 people fall into 2 groups: those with snow blowers, and those who shovel. Here are some tips to​ help you enjoy the white stuff once again.

Know Your Snow Job
Just like a​ car, there are many makes and models of​ snowblowers (or snow throwers as​ they are also commonly known as). Each car is​ suited for a​ different purpose, and snow blowers are no different.

How long is​ your driveway? How much snow do you anticipate receiving each year? How heavy is​ the snow? How wide a​ space does your snow removal needs cover?

For most city dwellers, who have just a​ driveway and a​ sidewalk to​ clear off, a​ single stage gas blower will do the trick. These types of​ snow blowers will touch the ground, so be aware of​ the area you are clearing. Most single stage gas snow blowers retail for $300 to​ $900.

However, if​ you find that you get a​ lot of​ snow, or​ have a​ larger area to​ clear, a​ two stage gas blower will save you time and help avoid further back aches. These types of​ snow blowers come equiped with wide augers to​ clear off larger areas, while throwing the snow further. Depending on the type of​ two stage gas snow blower you are looking at, prices can range from $600 to​ over $2000 according to​ Consumer Reports.

If you have a​ gravel driveway, you'll want to​ ensure that the auger doesn't touch the ground (thus picking up rocks which can be hard on the snowblower, and cause harm if​ to​ items near the path of​ the blowing snow. Most two stage blowers are perfect for gravel driveways.

If you find that you only get a​ few inches per snowfall, or​ have a​ relatively small area to​ clear, you may find that a​ single stage electric blower will take care of​ your needs. Electric snow throwers range between $100 and $300 and will clear an​ area of​ about 11-18inches.

Take it​ For a​ Spin
While a​ retailer wont let you clear off any snow at​ your house to​ test it​ out, they will let you push the floor models around. Find one that suits your strength. The larger snow blowers are normally very heavy. While it​ may be fun to​ have the largest snow blower on the block, it​ doesnt make sense to​ buy it​ if​ you cant push it​ around without hurting your back.

Are the handlebars adjustable to​ your height? You have to​ remain in​ control of​ your snow blower at​ all times and the handlebars will help you to​ move around corners. You should also pay attention to​ the chute control. By adjusting the direction of​ the chute, you can angle the snow where you want it, not in​ front of​ you or​ on your neighbours driveway.

Play Safe
If you purchase a​ single or​ two stage gas snow blower, remember to​ start it​ up outside. Carbon monoxide poisoning is​ an​ invisible killer. Clearing snow is​ tough enough without having to​ worry about carbon monoxide.

Do you have a​ set of​ ear plugs? You'll need them, especially with the larger snow blowers.

Remember not to​ wear anything that is​ loose fitting. Its very easy for a​ scarf or​ sleeve to​ get caught in​ the snow blower and the results are not very nice.

Its obvious, but many people loose limbs because they dont watch what they are doing. if​ your machine gets clogged, turn it​ off. Only when the engine is​ off (or unplugged if​ you purchase an​ electric snow blower) should you attempt to​ clear the clog. Use a​ wooden broom handle or​ hockey stick to​ clear out a​ clog. Better you have to​ buy a​ new broom or​ a​ new hockey stick than to​ have to​ explain why you no longer have an​ arm.

Other than price, buying a​ snow thrower is​ no different than buying a​ car. in​ both cases, you buy the one that meets your exact needs and fits within your budget. Take it​ out for a​ test drive and remember safety first.

Start enjoying snow again. Think of​ how envious your neighbours will be when they see your new machine purring down the driveway, without a​ care, and without a​ worry of​ a​ sore back.

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