Buying Property In Bulgaria

Buying Property In Bulgaria

Buying property in​ Bulgaria
Bulgaria has attracted a​ lot of​ attention over the last two years, as​ foreign buyers and investors flock to​ its emerging property market .​
In 2018, foreigners invested over Euro 500 million in​ Bulgarian property, compared to​ Euro 98 million in​ 2018 .​
Frequently listed in​ the top 20 places to​ buy a​ foreign property, Bulgaria is​ now firmly on the property investment map.
With EU entry forecast for 2018 investors are keen to​ buy into the Bulgarian market to​ reap the inevitable rewards of​ capital appreciation and establish a​ rental income in​ a​ country that has demonstrated increasing tourism over the last few years .​
In the first 6 months of​ 2018 alone, over 2.7 million tourists visited Bulgaria; with a​ 42% increase in​ the number of​ British tourists .​
By 2020 the World Trade Organisation has predicted that the number of​ foreign tourists visiting the country will increase to​ 10 million.
The most popular regions for foreign property investors can be broadly categorised into 3 sectors: the Black Sea Coast, Sofia and the mountain ski-resorts .​
Other buyers are attracted by the old houses inland that can start from as​ little as​ £1,700 and the medieval charm of​ picturesque cities and villages like Veliko Turnovo, Arbanassi and Tryavna in​ central Bulgaria.
Enjoying over 300 days of​ sunshine a​ year, boasting a​ coastline that stretches over 380km, spectacular mountains, eco-tourism and some of​ the most affordable property in​ Europe, there is​ no wonder that Bulgaria is​ attracting such interest .​
Property prices in​ some regions have doubled in​ the space of​ the last two years alone – though new apartments on the coast are still available from as​ little as​ £20,000.
Despite recent bad press about developers and estate agents in​ Bulgaria over-estimating rental returns and exaggerating capital growth rates, Bulgarian property remains under-valued and is​ a​ good investment.

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