Buying Petite Clothing Made Easy

Buying Petite Clothing Made Easy

Buying Petite Clothing Made Easy
All you girls 5’ 4 and under, fight for your right for high quality fashionable clothes! Many petite women find it​ difficult to​ find properly fitting quality clothes .​
It’s only recently that designers target petite women with fashionable clothing.
This year, fashion is​ all about you and your style .​
Fashion is​ about confidence .​
If you feel great in​ an​ outfit, others can’t help but feel your vibes .​
In the past petite women had to​ settle for ill fitting regular clothes in​ run-of-the-mill sizes .​
But that’s long in​ the past .​
Today’s petite women find more and more stores devoted to​ meeting the needs of​ the short statured.
Petite framed women can wear just about any style and look slimmer and most importantly taller, by following a​ few simple rules.
Avoid bold, large patterns with heavy fabrics .​
Keep print in​ proportion to​ your figure .​
Smaller frames deserve smaller prints.
Avoid styles that draw the eye to​ the waist or​ hip area .​
These tend to​ make you look more round .​
Avoid too much jewelry .​
Jewelry can overpower a​ small frame.
Wear light weight material when layering .​
Too much bulk bulks up the petite woman.
Avoid wearing contrasting colors such as​ black skirt and white top when wearing separates.
Wear the same color from head to​ tow to​ create a​ continuous flow .​
Blend similar colored shoes and hose to​ appear taller.
If wearing boots, make sure the hem of​ your skirt is​ long enough to​ cover the boots .​
This will create an​ unbroken line to​ help give a​ slenderizing affect.
Skirts should be slightly above the knee and always worn with heels .​
Below the knee skirts tend to​ make the short statured woman look stubby.
Heels are a​ must for the vertically impaired .​
High-heeled shoes guarantees that your legs will look longer and leaner.

So if​ you are yearning for pants that don’t drag the floor or​ shirts with sleeves the correct length, look in​ the petite section of​ your favorite store .​
You’ll have everyone turning their heads whispering Who’s that fab girl?

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