Buying A New Home Then Hire A Home Inspector

Buying A New Home Then Hire A Home Inspector

Buying a​ New Home? Then, Hire a​ Home Inspector
Why? Well, large scale homebuilders profits rise in​ direct proprotion to​ speed of​ which their homes are completed .​
Generally speaking, homebuilders incent sub-contractors to​ finish on-time and penalize them when they do not .​
Corners are cut in​ an​ effort to​ maintain the all important schedule .​
Unfortunately, the builder cannot watch every sub-contractor at​ every single stage of​ the build .​
Hiring an​ independant home inspector will give an​ extra set of​ eyes and make sure your interest is​ represented .​
They have expertise and will recognize defficiencies .​
Plus, they are very affordable and pay for themselves many times over.
I had a​ colleague who bought a​ newly contructed home just a​ over year ago .​
And, at​ my request , he hired a​ highly respected home inspector .​
During the roof inspection, the inspector noticed much of​ the roof insulation had fallen during a​ wind storm .​
He took some pictures and decided to​ check back a​ few days later to​ make sure the insulation was reinstalled .​
a​ few days passed when he decided to​ take another look .​
By this time, the drywall was now being installed .​
When he arrived, he noticed several sheets of​ insulation still laying on the floor .​
Upon closer inspection, he found that the ceilling still had missing insulation .​
The trouble is, that the drywall had already been installed over much of​ the ceiling .​
Of course, with the pictures in​ hand, he brought this issue up to​ the builder and it​ was rectified .​
Imagine the added costs to​ the energy bills had the insulation issue not come to​ light .​
Best money my friend ever spent.

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