Buying A New Computer Read This First

Buying A New Computer Read This First

Buying a​ New Computer? Read This First
Ever had one of​ those days when you thought that you would spend a​ lot of​ time searching around for really good computer bargains?
I have had that experience many times and have found that I​ used to​ waste time doing endless and meaningless searches trying to​ find what I​ need .​
But then,​ I​ found a​ solution!
Figuring out what to​ search for is​ half the​ battle won,​ but how to​ figure out whether the​ prices being displayed were bargain prices was another issue .​
So how did I​ solve that problem?
Try and identify first what computer system you need to​ buy .​
This really can be a​ struggle if​ you are not familiar with computers .​
You can visit the​ nearest library to​ you and speak to​ a​ librarian to​ see whether they have issues of​ the​ Computer Shopper magazine .​
Not only Computer Shopper,​ but PC Novice and PC Magazine as​ well .​
I​ have found these to​ be quite useful and effective in​ helping me decide on​ the​ type of​ system I​ need .​

PC Novice is​ especially useful because it​ explains in​ layman's language what I​ need to​ know and gives recommendations on​ the​ alternatives to​ look for .​
Terms such as​ motherboard and peripherals are usually explained in​ detail .​
You should not worry however if​ you are not familiar with these terms .​
Just understand that when you go to​ purchase your computer,​ you may find an​ enthusiastic sales rep asking you – so how much ram do you need in​ this computer; you think you may need an​ Intel or​ AMD processor?; or,​ how many gigabytes do you need for your hard drive? --- Huh
The magazines I​ have listed above will help you a​ great deal but don't get lost with all the​ geek talk .​
You will be able to​ find complete systems available that will be sold with software .​
Some systems will be sold with the​ box – the​ CPU portion,​ and the​ monitor .​
Depending on​ where you are buying your computer from,​ the​ monitor may be at​ an​ extra cost .​
Some systems will be sold with a​ printer and they will try and sell you a​ host of​ other things which are not really necessary .​

My advice therefore is​ to​ first figure out what you want to​ do with the​ computer and do some research!
Shopping around is​ the​ next best thing you can do to​ find the​ best prices .​
I​ usually look at​ three to​ four different quotations to​ see which one matches my budget .​
Most computers today will do what you want to​ do .​
You do not need to​ get the​ most expensive system especially if​ you will only be surfing the​ Internet and checking email occasionally,​ so don't go overboard thinking that because you saw you neighbor with this expensive system you need to​ have one too.
Good luck and happy shopping!!
This article brought to​ you by
Eric Murray

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