Buying A Medieval Sword Online

Buying A Medieval Sword Online

If you always wanted to​ own a​ medieval sword to​ hang on the wall, show to​ your friends, or​ bring with you to​ a​ Renaissance Festival this article will help you to​ make your sword buying much easier.

Sword buying can be a​ very confusing process. There are thousands of​ retailers, many different sword manufacturers, and a​ many different types of​ metals that swords are made from. if​ this is​ your first sword then you should make it​ a​ pleasurable experience by getting the sword that looks and feels right for you. if​ you stick with a​ reputable seller then the sword should be of​ a​ good quality that will give you many years of​ worry free enjoyment and maybe even start you on a​ sword collecting hobby.

The first decision you have to​ make is​ why you want a​ sword. This will greatly help you in​ choosing your first sword. There are two main reasons I will describe here. if​ you want a​ sword to​ hang on the wall as​ a​ display piece that you occasionally take down to​ show to​ friends then you should look for a​ sword that is​ made from stainless steel as​ it​ will require little or​ no maintenance. if​ your looking for a​ functional battle ready sword, make sure you realize these swords take care and maintanence as​ they are forged from high carbon steel that can rust over time when not taken care of​ properly.

If you want a​ sword to​ wear as​ part of​ a​ costume or​ as​ an​ accompaniment to​ Renaissance Festival and Role Playing events then you should get a​ sword that comes with a​ belt and scabbard. Again, because swords come in​ a​ tremendous variety of​ sizes, finding a​ scabbard can be a​ very difficult task.

Narrow your decision down to​ one of​ the three basic sword types.

Because there are thousands of​ different swords you should figure out which of​ the three main types of​ swords you want to​ get.

* Replicas of​ original swords– You may want to​ get a​ sword that is​ a​ replica of​ an​ authentic historical sword such as​ a​ Scottish claymore, medieval sword, or​ Spanish rapier.

* Movie Replicas: - You may want to​ get a​ sword that you have seen in​ a​ movie, such as​ the Lord of​ the Rings swords or​ Eragon movie swords that are very popular.

* Fantasy Swords – These swords can have a​ very different look, often times they have intricate handles and unique blade shapes and are primarily for display purposes.

So now you have narrowed you selection down to​ the use of​ the sword and the type of​ sword and you are ready to​ start looking at​ actually purchasing a​ sword. Here are some guidelines to​ help you make a​ good purchase.

It is​ recommended that you only purchase a​ new sword from a​ reputable retailer. Make sure they have at​ least a​ 14 day guarantee that if​ there are any problems with the sword you can just send it​ back and try another sword. When looking at​ online sword sites or​ weapons specialty sites there are a​ few things you should look for. Does the site have the hacker safe guaranteed logo? Does it​ have a​ clearly posted customer support telephone number you can call? And do the have a​ customer support section on there site or​ help section. These factors are important in​ feeling safe with your online purchase.

Swords have a​ two thousand year history and there are many manufacturers, sellers, collectors, and experts of​ swords. But when it​ comes down to​ buying a​ sword you should decide on the sword that is​ going to​ make you happy. Get a​ sword that looks and feels right for you and get it​ from an​ established and well-know retailer and you will have a​ sword that will bring you years of​ enjoyment and maybe even start you off on a​ new hobby.

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