Buying A Lift Chair For A Loved One

Buying A Lift Chair For A Loved One

Standing after sitting for awhile in​ front of​ the TV can be difficult for some people, especially elderly persons. The difficulty of​ standing also afflicts persons with back problems. The perfect solution for this is​ a​ lift chair. a​ lot of​ names are used to​ describe these kinds of​ chairs, some may call it​ lift recliners or​ chair lifts but it​ is​ commonly known as​ lift chair. a​ powered lifting mechanism which pushes the entire chair up from its base sets the lift chair apart from ordinary recliners. This feature allows the user to​ move to​ a​ standing position effortlessly.

The elderly, infirm or​ handicapped people can get increased independence from several equipments. The lift chair is​ a​ must have to​ better address a​ handicapped persons need for comfort, it​ is​ similar to​ the ordinary upholstered recliners in​ appearance, but the lift chairs have a​ lot more to​ offer.

A recline and lift mechanism containing one, or​ in​ some cases two motors enables the lift chair to​ move the chair up and down. This same mechanism also permits the chair to​ be reclined back and raise the foot rest for added comfort. There are buttons to​ control the lift chair, one is​ to​ adjust its position if​ you want to​ recline or​ to​ move the chair to​ assist you in​ standing up.

When the chair rises to​ a​ standing position it​ is​ easier for you to​ stand and walk out of​ the chair. it​ is​ a​ great benefit for people who find it​ difficult to​ stand outright due to​ a​ bad back or​ for caregivers to​ transport their patients from the chair to​ the wheelchair. Lift chairs provide an​ enjoyable TV viewing time as​ the chair reclines to​ a​ comfortable position that the user desires, now if​ you need more popcorn, standing up will be a​ breeze.

There are three classifications of​ lift chairs depending on the positions it​ is​ capable of. The 2-position lift chair –as it​ name implies has two positions, Straight and TV recline. With the TV recline position the chair is​ slightly leaned back for comfortable TV viewing, relaxing or​ reading.

The 3-position lift chair, likewise has three different recline positions, which are Straight, TV recline, and Full recline positions. Aside from the TV recline the full recline feature of​ the 3-position lift chair provides more choice for the user.

The Infinite position lift chair offers an​ unlimited variety of​ recline position. This kind of​ lift chair have independently operated back and leg movements which varies from straight up to​ a​ full flat recline or​ sleep recline. Although called 2 or​ 3 position these lift chairs are not limited to​ two or​ three positions.

For example the 2-position has numerous position from straight up to​ TV recline depending on the adjustment, as​ well as​ for the 3-position lift chairs: from straight up to​ full recline you can choose numerous positions. Choosing the right kind of​ lift chair to​ accommodate the correct weight of​ the person is​ imperative. Height also plays an​ important role in​ buying the right lift chair. Some lift chairs are not suitable for taller persons due to​ frame limits.

A lift chair can be a​ great gift for your elderly member, nothing can be more thoughtful than a​ comfortable mechanism to​ help him out with his day to​ day activities around the house.

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