Buying A Humidifier 3 Questions That Need Answering

Buying A Humidifier 3 Questions That Need Answering

Most articles on this subject seem to​ focus on the difference between warm and cool mist humidifiers. The decision is​ actually far more complicated than that, as​ there are several different types within those two categories. Let's take an​ entirely different approach, and ask three important questions:

1. is​ noise important? The most popular type of​ cool mist humidifier uses a​ fan to​ help evaporate the water. Obviously, a​ fan can make quite a​ lot of​ noise, and can be very annoying when you are trying to​ sleep. Warm mist humidifiers that use a​ heating element can make a​ gurgling noise. This is​ much quieter than a​ fan, but it​ can still be a​ problem for some people. Ultrasonic humidifiers on the other hand are almost silent to​ the human ear, making them the obvious choice if​ you require a​ noise free option.

2. Do you have children? Warm mist humidifiers used a​ heating element to​ boil the water. This means there is​ a​ burn risk, and they are therefore not ideal for use with children.

3. How much humidification and do you require? Or, to​ put it​ another way, how many rooms do you have and how large are they? to​ humidify an​ entire building a​ whole house solution that will attach to​ your furnace is​ ideal. The particular model that you buy will be dependent on your current heating system as​ it​ will need to​ be compatible. For single rooms you have much more choice available. Generally speaking, cool mist humidifiers can cope with a​ larger space than warm mist. Each model will state clearly on it​ the size of​ area that it​ is​ designed to​ be used in. You simply have to​ match the capacity to​ the size of​ room.

Taking these three factors into account is​ a​ much better at​ way of​ choosing a​ humidifier. Hopefully you now have a​ clearer idea which type is​ right for your situation.

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